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Hiring a camper van in UK for travel to France

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FeelingLucky Tue 13-Jan-09 13:36:10

We're thinking of having a campervan holiday in France this summer. Crossing channel via ferry.

Have never rented a campervan before and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for companies and what to expect to pay. We're thinking of hiring a campervan without toilet (as can't bear idea of having to empty it).
We're live in North London, and it will be me, DH and DD (who will be 2 years old by then).

Also, if anyone has had any experience of a campervan holiday in France, please share.

TIA smile

dustbuster Tue 13-Jan-09 13:46:57

Have been on a few trips to France with campervan - you will love it! French campsites are fab and quite cheap. The Michelin campsite guide, which is excellent. I like the little two star and municipal campsites, which are usually charming, but with your DD you might want to go for places with a swimming pool.

There is a lovely chain of campsites called "Flower Camping" which are not too big, all have a pool, lots have lake you can swim in, and the standards are very high.

Outside of the really busy areas (basically the seaside) you don't really need to book, even in July/Aug. But if you can go out of school holidays, you will have the run of the place.

We have never had a toilet - campsite loos are usually good (although you need your own loo roll), and like you I am squeamish about emptying it.

Have a lovely time! smile

Ivykaty44 Tue 13-Jan-09 13:47:36

As long as you empty the toilet on a regular two daily basis it will be fine, or you can say the loo in the campervan is for a wee only and anything more has to be in the campsite loo.

TBH just hold your nose and drop the cartridge contents down the waste place it is fine. At east you can put your dd to bed in the large double bed at the back and put a single bed rail to stop her falling out in this one.

Aires are free to stop at and there is a book that gives all the towns with free aires (the towns do the free aires with electric as they guess you will use the shops and restaurants )

Not cheap though to hire the van (500+ in the summer per week) and then put in fuel 30 miles to the gallon on some vehicles and pay for campsites each night at around 25euro per night for a site ouch plus your ferry crossing there and back at around £150

FeelingLucky Tue 13-Jan-09 20:01:50

Thanks! I'm getting excited about the prospect now.

Any other thoughts from any other camper van enthusiasts out there?

JM83 Thu 05-Nov-15 17:04:57

Here are some tips for travelling through France in a campervan with a baby. Hope this helps smile

donajimena Thu 05-Nov-15 17:07:53

I've looked into hiring a camper van and they (to me anyway) were £££ however if its in your budget then definitely go for it!

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