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Surviving wet weather...

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emskaboo Wed 13-Aug-08 13:16:30

ok so we're off to Beautiful Days tomorrow taking my 7 year old dsd and 8 month old ds, the forecast is lots of rain. I've only been camping with dsd twice and had glorious sunshine both times and never with ds so I'm feeling a bit anxious! We have wellies, waterproofs, and a (fairly)good sense of humour. What are your caming essentials to surving wet weather with spirits intact when campings with the dcs?


emskaboo Wed 13-Aug-08 13:44:03


Heartmum2Jamie Wed 13-Aug-08 14:30:41

We went on our first camping trip with our 2 ds's (7 & 4) last weekend. It rained pretty much all day Saturday, but we had a blast. We had wellies, raincoats and umbrella's and went ahead with the plans we had. We hiked up the big, wooded hill behind the site, played with the boys on the swing and looked around town, we did get a bit muddy, but it's half the fun. We did also spend time in the tent, playing card games ect. I would say so long as you have appropriate clothes & footwear and maybe some things to keep them occupied should you get stuck inside for a while, then you will still have a good time.

Have fun!

PeaMcLean Wed 13-Aug-08 21:30:25

Hiya, I'm hoping its just a case of having the right clothes. It's drying them out I'm more concerned about - especially when it's a bit humid inside. Though I don't think we'll need to worry about it being too warm!

We also take door mats so that you can wipe your feet before going in the tent.

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