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Pans, cooking untensils and kettles... please advise

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TheMadHouse Sat 02-Aug-08 20:49:23

WSe are a family of four food will tend to be pasta and sauce, mash and veg etc

We have a really old set of pans, but they stick and are useless.

So what do you have - are they any good and more importantly what would you want.

Also I was thinking about taking a steamer thing to sit on top of the pans for veg - yeh or nay

TheMadHouse Sat 02-Aug-08 22:08:13


giggly Sat 02-Aug-08 22:33:12

I only take the big pot from the steamer, if we have veg I buy tins. Also take our normal frying pan, 1 smaller pot and a normal sized kettle, cant be bothered with all the wee stuff. We have a grill pan on the cooker. I also take my cutlery stand from the draining board to keep everything together.

TheMadHouse Sun 03-Aug-08 09:48:28

Bumping for the morning lot

Lemontart Sun 03-Aug-08 09:55:38

I went to a big camping shop and bought a non stick stacking set of pans that fold down into one pile and neatly go in a waterproof bag. After years and years of a car boot rattling with sticking old nasty pans, I am wondering why I didn’t spend a tenner sooner!
If you can, buy a camping set, they are fantastic now. Non stick and are big enough for a hungry family of 4. Ours has 4 pans with lids and is plenty for things like pasta, rice, mash, veg. One of the lids has holes in one side for draining so never bother with a colander or steamer, I just manage with 4 rings. Even with a kettle on one ring, not often you need more than 3 rings for a meal - I bung veggies in with potatoes for the last 5 mins rather than use lots of pans

Love2bake Sun 03-Aug-08 09:59:52

I have all seperate camping cooking stuff. We keep it all in a big box in the garage, and that way we never forget anything. Just pick up the box and go.

Contents are:

2 saucepans (in a set, that stack small)
1 medium fry-pan
plates, bowls, cups

Don't bother with a steamer. If we have veg I just boil it.

yawningmonster Sun 03-Aug-08 10:07:51

We are in NZ but we do alot of camping. We have one large dutch oven which is cast iron which we take if we are not tramping around too much. Otherwise we have a titanium set (billy two lidded mini dutches one, steamer that fits mini dutch. Tend to do one pot meals if at all possible. If tramping we take just a burner but if staying put then we take a 2 ring gas cooker.

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