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this coleman tent for me and dd aged 6? or any other suggestions would be great.

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piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 11:50:37

I need something fairly easy for me to put up by myself.

piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 12:11:07

or this

the Outwell Oregon 4?

or this one

the Outwell Oregan twin?

piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 14:17:58


bigTillyMint Mon 21-Jul-08 14:46:35

We have a 6-man Khyam with an outside frame and knuckle joints that I can put up on my own. I think they do smaller versions. They are very easy to put up, but not that cheap, I think!

piratecat Mon 21-Jul-08 16:13:39

hi, thanks for that. Any idea's how heavy yours is?

My car is little!

piratecat Tue 22-Jul-08 10:52:52

campers, any more ideas?

piratecat Tue 22-Jul-08 14:24:58

or this
Lichfield creek 4 person>TENTS.htm#tab3

or this

Coleman Marajo 5 man>TENTS.htm

or this

Lichfield Commanche 4 person>TENTS.htm

piratecat Tue 22-Jul-08 17:56:03

pretty please!

PeaMcLean Tue 22-Jul-08 22:13:21

Ooh, that's a lot of tents smile

the last one's got a sewn in groundsheet I think, which I'm after cos it's supposed to reduce drafts a bit. However, I understand that tunnel tents are easiest to put up and that last one's got a dome bit.

does it help to look at the different layouts? Some of them might have a bigger living area, which might be the clincher for you. Or overall space, or maximum standing height? Just mentioning some of the things which i'm looking at.

piratecat Wed 23-Jul-08 20:31:37

thanks pea, for looking.

I have stood outside in my garden with a tape measure, they all seem big engough.

Iwas wondering if anyone knew more about the quality too?

piratecat Fri 25-Jul-08 19:49:34

oh please help, someone somewhere!!

funnykc Fri 25-Jul-08 20:05:35


The Outwell range is good quality and pea is right about the sewn in groundsheet as it keeps drafts to a minimum and bugs out.

For me, fibreglass poles are the main thing as they really are easy to put together.

Your DD will be able to help by holding the poles.

I found Blacks staff really helpful so you could ask them about size and weight of the packed tent to make sure it fits in your car.

piratecat Fri 25-Jul-08 20:16:25

thanks, i just needed a few pointers. are any of mine outwell ones ? i will scroll down and look.

funnykc Fri 25-Jul-08 20:27:35

you linked to the outwell oregon a bit further up.

you could also check out tents in store then buy online as you can usually save a bit of money.

Where are you heading off to?

piratecat Fri 25-Jul-08 20:37:44

hi not sure yet, but prob cornwall, or north devon, on there is a site near exmouth that looks good. Iam already in south devon, so just want something easy but pref that i can stand up in, as have back problems( spd from pg yrs back!!)

Just want to be able to go when the weather is good.

the lichfields and coleman, wasn't sure of the quality really. we don't have a very good blacks here, and on their site they don't seem to have much.

funnykc Fri 25-Jul-08 21:05:42

Blacks website is pretty rubbish but staff have always been quite knowledgeble/helpful from previous experience.

The Outwell should do the job but depends on your height. I used to have a four man tent and I think I could stand up ok in it. (I have acquired a bigger family so have a 10 man one now!!) Have you thought about beds?

I'm heading back to Cornwall at the end of August. Keeping fingers crossed on the weather too

piratecat Fri 25-Jul-08 21:11:12

hi, i have a whole camping kit stored away at my mum's. Plus a lovely 6 berth Cabanon tent, which is just too heavy. We had much bigger car and trailer then.

I have the lot realy, but havent attempted a camp for yrs since dh left, and now i can drive so i wanted to take dd somewhere.

piratecat Fri 25-Jul-08 21:15:03

which would you say was handier, the outwell oregan four, or the twin, as in my links further to the beggining of thread.

gscrym Fri 25-Jul-08 21:18:32

I'm tempted by the last one as I reckon I could put my big blow up bed in it. Also it's good to have DS in his own room.

Good luck with wht you choose.

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