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Well, we are "camping" in the back garden tonight!

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Smithy Sat 04-Aug-07 22:09:34

Ds1 (5) and ds2 (3) are tucked up in a double duvet and I'm off shortly to join them in dh's sleeping bag. DH will be in bed in the house. Not sure if we'll last the night in the tent but it's been a laugh so far. They didn't go to sleep til nearly 9pm! Hopefully it won't be too cold tonight!

jamtastic Sat 04-Aug-07 22:56:53

Oh well done! We very nearly did tonight, but my two boys (4.8 and 2.5) went into early meltdown (too much sun - a first for months!), and I decided to bring forward tea, bath and bed. Let us know how it went, how early you were woken and did you get the creeps at all on your own?!

Smithy Sun 05-Aug-07 09:14:12

Yay - we did it!
Eventually got ds1 and ds2 to bed about 8.30pm with duvets, blankets and pillows all stuffed into the tent. Really snuggly for them! Took loads of photos of them too! Did bedtime story and ds2 (3) fell asleep very quickly. Had a chat with ds1 (5) for a while then he drifted off. I went back into the house for a while with dh (left patio doors open!). I went into the tent about 11pm. I woke a couple of times (found out I was lying on Lightning McQueen - ouch!). But they slept until 4.45am when ds1 woke up briefly, then up at 6.15am which I didn't think was too bad. DH cooked "camping" brekkie - bacon, sausage, tomato and mugs of tea for us on the camping stove about 8am - having had a restful night alone in the house . Our neighbours said the smell of cooking bacon was fab! .
So I've two very happy, albeit tired boys today. Will do it again - we're now talking about buying a bigger tent (only have a small 3 man / one room) - so not room for all of us at once!

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