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Health and safety and camping.. anyone know if there are regulations?

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unicorn Fri 03-Aug-07 22:49:55

We left a 'site' today - (was an informal one due to music festival) because there were no stewards/marshalls/pitches - a free for all. We drove into the 'field' in good faith and got completely stuck and had to get towed out.
The field was not grass but very sharp hay/straw, and the tents were all over the place.

With 2 kids we thought it irresponsible and dangferous, and I just wondered what (if any) health and safety laws there are to stop people doing this?

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Fri 03-Aug-07 22:52:57

what were you worried might happen?

UCM Fri 03-Aug-07 22:54:59

Unicorn, I would imagine that you had a fab time. Do not worry about it. I can recall times when Dad's car broke down on the motorway and our neighbours came to pick us up, 30 years ago of course.

You are not irresponsible, just having a good time.

Skribble Fri 03-Aug-07 22:55:34

Which festival???

A lot depends on the size of site, amount of campers and if it is official.
*They are normaly in hay or grass fields.
*There should be clean drinking water, checked by authorities, can easily be contaminated if a temporary set up.
*Appropriate numder of loos per head (or bum)
*Depending on the size of fields there should be fire lanes for access.
* Fire marshalls or some sort of fire fighting equipment or personel.
* Some sort of security or stewarding, can be very low key on spacious and quieter sites.

As I say it all depends on the numbers allowed and size, I can link to an offical guideline book if you need more info for a formal complaint.

Skribble Fri 03-Aug-07 22:56:50

I take it you thought the organisers were being irresponsible.

unicorn Fri 03-Aug-07 23:10:26

Yep,the organisers not us!

We left the site as basically the clutch was b*ggered, there was no way we could get back into the field, and drive safely (it was a nightmare being towed out - nearly hitting several tents as we did)
The tents were just pitched anywhere- and we were just waved thro in the car, didn't know where on earth we were going - no guidance at all.
When we got stuck we were inches away from a tent, and it was really scary.

We just felt it wasn't right/safe - they took the money in advance and basically couldn't careless.
We have now been towed home (huge clutch bill to face) have missed the music festival,lost our money, but tbqh glad not to be in that field - which dared to claim it was 'family friendly'

Skribble Fri 03-Aug-07 23:13:10

Cars should not be parked up in camping fields normaly with the exception of disabled camping areas, even then they are normaly seperated.

Dying to know which festival this was!!

Skribble Fri 03-Aug-07 23:18:58

The Event Safety Guide, once loaded click on the section for Camping. It even says shoul not camp on stubble fields. It is not legislation but guidelines that any organiser who knows his job will follow pretty much, to get council license for even or camping area they usually have to comply with most of these guidelines and this book is the Bible of public event.

unicorn Fri 03-Aug-07 23:20:27

(It's a smallish music festival in the South of England)

Couldn't see how there could possibly be fire lanes - the tents were all over the place - and if we had managed to pitch up somewhere we may have blocked in a car that had been unloading etc - it just seemed to be chaos really, (and I think it wasn't just us that would have been stuck in that mud either - the breakdown vehicles were very busy)

Re the hay, it seemed very sharp underfoot too - so no running about without shoes for the kids... and I could imagine it sticking up through tent too, so not comfortable.

It's obviously not a 'proper' site but nevertheless it should meet basic safety requirements surely?

Skribble Fri 03-Aug-07 23:32:48

I think the stubble is more to do with fire risks than comfort, fire is a real risk on campsites like these, witness to many kinds of fires on festival campsites.

Come on name and shame!!

unicorn Fri 03-Aug-07 23:45:26

That event guide is very interesting
oh,here you go then (I have already complained to the organisers anyway)

having been there we feel that web info wa totally misleading - and now we are home we are just glad to be out of that place.

Would like them to compensate us - but as they have obviously done this on a budget (cutting many corners I think) I would be surprised if they do so.

Skribble Sat 04-Aug-07 00:08:37

I would also highlight their failings in a letter to Hampshire council.

This is an subject that I specialise in and want to get more involved in croed/ event safety that is.

unicorn Sat 04-Aug-07 00:44:21

yep, I am in process of emailing everyone!

What annoys me most is the proclamation of it being 'family friendly'... we really fell for it (we wanted to see 1 singer in particular)and thought it'd be good fun for us all.

Dh says he feels totally ripped off - I'm just very, very annoyed that health and safety issues are treated with such contempt.

They take your money - and don't deliver what they claim to...
trading standards as well maybe??

Skribble Sat 04-Aug-07 01:58:43

You go girl! stamp stamp stamp until someone takes note .

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