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Any recommendations- first time campers with children

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busy2busy Wed 01-Aug-07 02:48:08

Hi, more of a lurker than a poster normally, but does anyone have any ideas.

Need a campside up to 1.5/2 hours from Leeds (any direction!)for taking friends on a weekend trip.

This will be friends DS 7 and DD 4 for their first trip so will be fairly exciting.

Does anyone have any ideas for a good site for the little ones? They will have bikes etc with them. Ideally with a playground or something for them to do. Ideally not a big caravan type park, more tent orientated.

Have had had a look at UKCampsite, but would welcome any recommendations or ideas from you experienced camping folk.


twinsetandpearls Wed 01-Aug-07 03:00:59

Not sure if it us close enough but Great Langdale is great for kids,

busy2busy Wed 01-Aug-07 10:57:47

Thanks I will look that up!

katiepea Fri 03-Aug-07 14:37:27

We have just returned from Woodhouse Farm and Country Park near Ripon. It was our first time camping and we took ds10 and ds1 and had a great time.

Wide open spaces with 3 play areas and a really clean toilet / shower block. You could also hire a family bathroom if required!

There is a pub on site which does meals and takeaways.

The campsite is on "ukcampsite".

busy2busy Fri 03-Aug-07 17:50:00

Great - Ripon is very close - I will have a look. Thanks

chinwag Fri 03-Aug-07 18:52:57

There is a gorgeous camp site next to Derwentwater in Keswick in the Lakes, which has tents and touring vans. The view from the site is spectacular, and there is a smallish fenced park in the middle. It has a road suitable for bikes all around the edge, and the children can paddle or throw stones in the lake. It is about 2 hrs from you.

NellJ Sat 04-Aug-07 11:03:54

Hey, if you are looking for camping that distance from Leeds try some of the sites up near Settle. It's an easy drive straight up the A65, I can recommend Knights Stainton (stayed there as a kid), has all facilities you'll need and a good size for bikes etc but the best bit is the river runs straight through it - shallow at the top for paddling with a 4 year old then increasingly high waterfalls, safe to jump off for the older ones. Settle is a useful size and there's plenty to do in the area.

I meant to book that one again for our latest trip but 6 month dd has rotted my brain and I booked another by mistake. Hmm.

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