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Waterproof rucksack - why is this not easy to find !?!

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PaddedRoomForOnePlease Fri 17-Mar-17 11:24:31

Ok, not strictly camping but you seem a very knowledgeable bunch.

I'm looking for a day bag / rucksack / backpack, not sure it's proper name. I just want it to be like a normal one (so not one with the roll up top) but waterproof but not with a silly cover. And decent padded straps so I can actually use it. But not those hip straps. And two bottle things at the sides.

Am I being too fussy, I can't seem to find anything and I've been intensively Googling. I just want it to be like every other backpack I can see but doesn't let everything get wet inside when inevitably it rains. Urgh this feels like a rant now but why is this so difficult to find? I live in the UK, it rains!

If anyone has a recommendation I'd be so grateful. I just need a bag to carry stuff for me and my two kids so about 25L. I walk everywhere and I'm starting to ditch the pushchair which carried everything for me. Basically I need the perfect bag in able to carry out my new role as the really organised family donkey.

BarchesterFlowers Fri 17-Mar-17 11:34:51

The only properly waterproof ones I found when looking were from Arc'teryx and Sea to Summit. Everything else needed a cover.

Probably changed now as I expect things move on quickly this is properly weatherproof.

BarchesterFlowers Fri 17-Mar-17 11:39:03

Depressingly the female version doesn't specify the techinical details and comes in a range of sickly colours.

SnowBallsAreHere Fri 17-Mar-17 11:40:04

We washed an ordinary rucksack we liked in this

CycleOnTheLEFT Fri 17-Mar-17 11:42:04

Most Alpkit bags have a roll top but meet your other criteria and are extremely good value. If i were you I'd have a go with one of those and use some zipper bags or packing cubes to organise stuff inside.

CycleOnTheLEFT Fri 17-Mar-17 11:45:01

On the other hand I'd question whether you really need a fully waterproof bag 99% of the time. Pack stuff inside carrier bags inside a normal rucksack for really bad weather but otherwise most day packs from any outdoor shop would be ok. Try a few on for size. I cycle to work everyday and only extremely rarely use a backpack cover.

ScoopyDoo Fri 17-Mar-17 11:47:48

There's so much stitching, zips etc in a 'normal' one that being completely waterproof is almost impossible, hence the covers. You could invest in dry bags, they come in all sizes so you could have one big 'sack' for the main compartment or small, different coloured ones if you wanted to organise things. I use them inside a walking backpack and they survive whole days in torrential rain.

TommyandGina Fri 17-Mar-17 11:48:23

Those hip straps are important. The weight of a heavy rucksack should be supported on your hips by the straps, not on your shoulders. This puts unnecessary, unsafe weight on your back and shoulders and can cause severe, long term damage.

Rainbowshine Fri 17-Mar-17 11:50:11

You could look at skiing/snowboarding rucksacks, Decathlon sell some

witchmountain Fri 17-Mar-17 11:56:13

Someone else agrees with you:

Bit old but some ideas in there.

Agree with suggestion to try ski brands and also cycling.

BarchesterFlowers Fri 17-Mar-17 12:09:28

2014 isnt that long ago when you are my age witch grin, we have got four of his brands in our house and rely completely on Ortleib for cycling and keeping our belongings dry for three weeks on end. I can't imagine their packs being very light to begin with though.

Timbuk2 bags are great - are they available here? I bought mine when I lived in the US.

PaddedRoomForOnePlease Fri 17-Mar-17 12:56:46

Thanks for all the replies, see I knew the campers were the ones to ask. Not much action on the great outdoors page of MN.

Cycle you're right I don't really need a super 100% waterproof bag it's true BUT the times stuff has got wet is on the beach, during rain, leaking water bottles etc and when the whole family's stuff is in one place it's a pain. I also like to carry my nice (biggish) camera when we go out for the day and I want peace of mind that it isn't going to get ruined. I'm currently packing stuff in carrier bags and I find it annoying.

Barchester I'm loving the Arc'teryx, no water bottle holders but I get they could clip on. I can't clip on my contigo mug though and I would like to have it accessible. I'll have a good look at this brand. It's quite an attractive bag too, I didn't think that was possible.

SnowBalls does the tx wash work? I've NikWaxed jackets and shoes before and not been impressed, a lot of faff but no discernible waterproofing. I'll definitely give it a whirl if it works though.

TommyandGina you talk sense and I do get achy shoulders but they just seem so excessive for everyday use like going to town.

I like the SnarkyNomads thinking, it just makes so much sense but no one seems to produce this miracle bag that I need want.

I'll have another search in the ski / cycling areas and see what I can find. I love having the pushchair as everything is off the ground and it carries so much, prehaps I should get an off road granny trolley instead? I could attach the kids to it to stop them running off grin

TommyandGina Fri 17-Mar-17 13:09:43

This should do the trick according to my dp (who runs a Millets store)

BarchesterFlowers Fri 17-Mar-17 13:12:46

I sort of wished I hadn't looked padded as I need absolutely nothing but am now tempted by the Granville as a new thneed to cheer myself up work bag and might buy the small bumbag for DD.

PaddedRoomForOnePlease Fri 17-Mar-17 13:36:07

Thanks TommyandGina thats a top loading one though, it would drive me mad digging around for stuff at the bottom. The Millets site did have one other waterproof rucksack which is a fishing one. I'm following that avenue and having much more success finding zipped waterproof ones.

Ortlieb looks good.

Barchester I have so many thneeds grin

Gah, what a sad way to spend my child free day, I hope I can find something after all this.

PaddedRoomForOnePlease Fri 17-Mar-17 13:45:13

On further investigation it seems anglers also like cameras so I'm hoping I hit the jackpot.

This Orvis one is lovely but £££

BarchesterFlowers Fri 17-Mar-17 16:17:34

Ortleib are virtually bullet proof Padded. We all have a full set of their roller plus panniers/bar bag and rack back for our cycle touring hols when we absolutely rely on them to keep all our worldly belongings dry for weeks.

Our old ones are 20 years old (relegated to shopping/commuting) and still waterproof.

I like the Granville - pondering on whether the straps look up to spec but tbh I fell asleep and forgot my theed (home sick)!

BarchesterFlowers Fri 17-Mar-17 16:20:02

I like the Orvis one but not sure about the back panel - looks a bit hot, although they say it has been designed for 'cool comfort'. Hopefully you are cool enough smile.

OhDearToby Fri 17-Mar-17 16:21:27

I've got a Lowe alpine one that fits all your requirements. Not sure if it is officially waterproof but I have been using it everyday for over 2 years and it has never let in water. I live in a very rainy city and am often out for 1+ hours in torrential rain (bloody school run!).

OhDearToby Fri 17-Mar-17 16:24:17

I think it's this one

witchmountain Sat 18-Mar-17 22:09:06

2014 not that long ago for me either Barchester, I feared it was just long enough for all the products to have disappeared from sale!

If you every desperately thneed something from the US and they don't ship here you can use intermediary shipping services who provide you with a US shipping address and then send it on to you. I use MyUS who calculate cost based on weight which makes it easier to know what you'll pay. You do have to factor in paying tax to get it into the uk which I don't mind but I do find the processing fee galling. It means you have to meet lots of thneeds to make it worthwhile smile

BarchesterFlowers Sun 19-Mar-17 06:26:25

I have family in the US witch grin.

TwoLeftSocks Sun 19-Mar-17 08:25:09

If you can't find something, would a standard rucksack with a few dry bags be an option? DH spends a lot of time outdoors and does that.

witchmountain Sun 19-Mar-17 13:19:30

Well that's even better Barchester!

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