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talk to me about trailers...

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dangermouseisace Sat 11-Mar-17 13:09:19

I used to have a massive car but now I have a standard size one. I'm thinking of getting a trailer with a hard lockable top. I assume that in camping season I'll just be able to keep the major stuff in there, ready to go (5m bell tent, cooker etc).

I'm looking at the ere 122 and 143…I don't know what to do. I don't want to buy the 122 and find it's too small, but I don't really want to spend loads and loads of money on something that might be excessive… what do other people have?

BarchesterFlowers Sun 12-Mar-17 06:35:02

How big are the models you are looking at? We have got a Brenderup 1205s with side extensions and a hard top which we use for camping and anything else.

It is 203 x 116 x 70 cm high. We get absolutely everything in there for two weeks away including ... wood burning stove and logs for fires, clothes and wetsuits and Dd's bike which is almost adult size. When we take a canoe and bikes we can only get two on the top of the car and there are three of us.

Everything lives in the trailer during camping season, we just add clothes and food. We have nothing in the car, nothing at all, just us and the dog.

Bit big really but we could reduce the size by lowering the sides if we could be bothered. We thought it would be big enough without the sides but after one trip we added them do we could put a bike or two inside on top of everything and take the canoe.

I would go bigger than you think you need.

dangermouseisace Sun 12-Mar-17 22:42:27

thanks barchester both are smaller than yours- small one 120cm by 92 and the other 140cm by 99cm

we're thinking about a dog…so maybe bigger is a bette idea!

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