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can anyone recommend trailer tents?

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triplets Sat 12-Jun-04 20:58:40

Me again! We are thinking about buying a trailer tent so that when we get fed up we can disappear without it costing us a fortune. We would have liked a caravan but just cannot afford even a secondhand one, plus the storage fee and insurance. We went and had a look today at the options and were pleasantly surprised at the space in the trailer tent for 5 as against the caravan. The down side for me would be not having my own shower etc, and how long they take to put up when you have impatient triplets in tow! Any campers out there that can advise me please, or know of any bargains?

yamamoto Mon 14-Jun-04 14:19:17

Second hand info, but, T tents are usually really fast to erect, on level ground, say 5 mins. The conway make usually have an optional awning, needed with kids.

If you are buying one second hand, look for one thats been stored undercover and take someone along who can check the trailer side, tyre condition, brakes, lights etc. If its not legal, and a lot are not, its endorsable.

Fio2 Mon 14-Jun-04 14:20:35

I have a second hand caravan I could do you a good deal on

triplets Mon 14-Jun-04 21:09:36

Thanks you two. Fio, whats it like, how many does it sleep, and the all important question is, how much?

cuppy Mon 14-Jun-04 22:10:45

Hi Triplets,

We had a tt and took away 2 children in it. The actual trailer bit - the sleeping compartments- is quick to put up . Its the awning bit that takes the time. When we went away I went off with the kids and left hubby to put it up by himself , and it probably took about an hour. Thats with putting the ground sheet down etc aswell though. Obviously its quicker with help!

With reference to the shower, most siites have blocks. But you do get your own little kitchenette in it, so thats a bonus.

We had a Conway Corniche (1998) and bought it in 2003 for £250 and it had not a mark on it. We sold it last month for £300! I would recommend having a look on ebay - not neccesarily to buy but you can have a look at the pics, get an idea of what you would like and how much you can expect to pay.

We were members of the caravan and camping club and it seemd that conway were leaders of the market - theyve now changed their name so their new models are under 'pennine'.

Hope this helps and that youre successful - we loved ours!

Fio2 Mon 21-Jun-04 08:20:24

sorry triplets I totally missed your message and was just thinking about it this morning! It is a late 1980's monza and sleeps 4/5. It has 2 doubles so providing your children are young they would be able to all sleep in the same bed. I have recovered the seats in a nice check fabric and we have a light laminate floor down. It has a heater/cooker/fridge and a toilet room with a portapotty. It has a brand new awning with easy fit poles (which are great!) It is in storage in Staffordshire but we are hoping to sell it before august when we will have to pay another year of storage. It is a great caravan for getting to know whether you are suited to caravaning. Which my husband isnt because he hates towing, hence we are buying a tent. I will ask my husband how much he wants for it. How much did you want to pay? i may be able to knock him down on price for you

Fio2 Mon 21-Jun-04 09:02:33

oops forgot to say we are in Kent now so if you live anywhere inbetween Staffs and Kent we would be able to show it to you!

diyliz Wed 01-Jun-16 19:52:05

I have a camplet Savanne trailer tent which with a side annexe sleeps up to 6 ! It has been fabulous for us as a family if 4 as the canvas is hard wearing and feels very substantial in the English climate! Nice to sleep on a mattress rather than inflatable bed! Goes up easily with 2 people. Gas hob useful as is the water tap pump for toothcleaning at night ! Sides zip off on all 3 sides when weather has been blissfully hot. We went from a sun camp family vario tent to trailer tent and had lots of great holidays with it. Medium sized car pulls it easily.
Boys are getting older now so looking to sell up but us adults dream of a camper van in years to come just for us!!

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