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roundtable Mon 08-Jun-15 21:05:38

Not quite camping but touring caravanning!

Any sites or places you would recommend with 2 toddlers? They want to make 'friends' with everyone and enjoy discos etc. We put up with it so that they'll hopefully sleep. grin

Any suggestions? We've only just starting touring and one child will scream for most of journey so not keen to go too far.

We live in East Anglia.

Thank you very much smile

roundtable Tue 09-Jun-15 14:23:36

Bumping smile

HollyJollyDillydolly Tue 09-Jun-15 17:00:47

Kelling heath is nice but it's in Norfolk so not sure if you'd prefer to go further?

roundtable Tue 09-Jun-15 17:07:15

We've not ventured further than Suffolk at the moment! grin

I'll have a look, thank you very much.

millimat Sat 20-Jun-15 21:37:22

I don't know your area, but if you can put up with them, haven have good deals for touring pitches. My children love them and there are loads of facilities to tire the children out.
I like the fact that we get our own caravan rather than someone else's!

roundtable Sun 21-Jun-15 07:40:37

Thank you millimat, I think there might be one in Clacton that we've looked at. I'm all for keeping the children entertained, they love swimming and dancing!

millimat Mon 22-Jun-15 10:43:09

Sign up to haven emails and they often send discounts through. The caravan club also do discounts for haven.

millimat Mon 22-Jun-15 10:46:31

Also park resorts seem to have a few near you and I imagine that they are the same as haven.

roundtable Mon 22-Jun-15 21:59:41

That's brilliant, thank you. We are part of the caravan club. I'll look at Park resorts too. flowers

Milliways Mon 22-Jun-15 22:34:54

We usually avoid resorts with clubhouses etc now our children have grown up, but out of season they are a real bargain. We stayed at the Parkdean site in West Bay (Broadchurch) Dorset recently and it was great. They have an indoor pool, soft play, disco etc, and right on the coast so we had fantastic walks etc.
We now look at Haven etc as well if looking for a hard standing pitch outside the school holidays.

millimat Tue 23-Jun-15 13:07:07

We're the same millieways I def prefer haven sites to others with clubhouses and in the past we've paid about £50 for 5 nights including the leisure passes wink

roundtable Fri 26-Jun-15 18:37:10

Thank you, I'll keep an eye out for a haven site. smile

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