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Outwell Dreamboat or Dreamcatcher SIM?

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sareenewbie Thu 21-May-15 13:20:27

I'm replacing my airbed (again!) and want a comfy SIM. Anyone compared these two? The dream catcher is cheaper but will I regret not paying the extra for the Dreamboat? Thanks!

alexw Fri 22-May-15 19:01:54

Have dreamboat and it is definitely worth every penny! Square edges mean you don't roll off like with rounded sides. Generously sized too.

MissWimpyDimple Fri 22-May-15 19:25:37

I have the Dreamcatcher 7.5 version and it's very comfortable. I slightly regret not going whole hog and getting the megamat. Though I haven't tried one so its hard to know what I'm missing!

Find that as long as I have a pillow, the Dreamcatcher is great.

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