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Camping in France

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Rhubarb Thu 29-Apr-04 21:25:32

Anyone know of any good campsites (excluding North West or Paris) for a caravan pitch? I'm not too bothered about facilities, although there must be a town nearby. And what should I expect to pay for a caravan pitch per week?

Tortington Thu 29-Apr-04 23:58:38

u got a caravan then rhuby? tres middle class if i do say so myself. dya reckon che ever got a caravan?

is this for a long long long holiday? cos. you may find the ferry fair is as much as booking a holiday with a firm for a two week stay.

although i have seem some cheapo tickets going on EBAY £50 ish for a car. only for use this year - worth a nosey. - actually there are holidays on ebay too. we reckon we have seen some pitches for £14 per night.

i shall have a googly searchy for ya, and mail you some addresses

corrr blimey you iz trez lucky to have a custard like moi


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