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Camping chairs for tall blokes.

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We are starting to slowly camp more and more, at the moment we don't use chairs we just sit on the floor but my husband finds it very uncomfortable. I'd like to get him a camping chair for Fathers Day. He is 6'5 and 18stone. Any recommendations? I can spend between £25-30.

Thank you smile

lentilpot Tue 10-Jun-14 08:38:28

My DH is a similar stature, I can't did the exact chair I got him (and I think it was £40), but I did find I had more luck with the weight limits on folding fishing chairs and chairs meant for formula one viewing.

CampingClaire Tue 10-Jun-14 09:01:08

We've got two Outwell folding chairs but they become loungers too. Think they were about £65 but they are really deep seated. i'm 5'8" and my feet don't touch the ground when I'm sitting on them. Maybe as they're Dutch they're made for taller people?!

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