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Any advice for a first timer?

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excitedmamma Sun 05-Jan-14 19:46:44

Hi... we are seriously considering purchasing a caravan and basically don't know where to start!!

Do we get one with a bathroom or not?? How good are the showers for example?? Do they get you wet!! We can't see ourselves 'wild' camping so are happy to use site facilities... in principle I think I'd prefer extra sleeping/sitting space to a disappointing bathroom....

We are initially planning on putting it on site for a seasonal pitch, but want to invest in the right one so that if we decide to do touring in a few years then its big enough..

What do we need to look out for... what are the 'usual' things you need to watch out for?? I think in our price range some mention damp... we are thinking ideally £2,500 for a 3+ berth.

Also thinking maybe wise to look for one locally and buy someone's complete 'kit'...

Are there any "best" makes?

All advice gratefully received... thanks x

princessalbert Mon 06-Jan-14 00:14:43

I don't know that much about caravans - but we do have a tourer. We don't tow it, but keep it on site. when we want to visit, we book it out, and the site owners pull it onto a pitch for us.

As we don't take little kids - we don't use the loo much. I just can't bear to empty it. And our site has decent toilets and showers. We are both quite happy to nip out in the night if necessary for the loo.

I think in the newer vans, the bathrooms are better designed for a spacious shower. Ours is quite a small area.

Best thing to do is get on a camping/caravanning forum. I have used a couple - you will get some good advice on choosing the best for your budget. forum

Also it is quite educational to visit a caravan exhibition. Of course, they have the brand new, expensive models - but it is fun to look around, and look at accessories, and everything caravan related. You can have a go at towing too. We went to one in Birmingham recently. There is one in Manchester in a couple of weeks. But just google - they are quite regular.

Maramae Wed 15-Jan-14 23:47:12

Thanks for the tip I. Am off to the caravan show in Manchester next week, wouldnt ahve known about if not for reading your post thanks.

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