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camping in france

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nearlymumofone Tue 17-Sep-13 17:32:09

...when i say camping i mean hiring the caravan on a campsite rather than touring or bringing a tent. We're planning to go next summer- dcs will be nearly 4 and 2 at that stage. Ideally i'd want good weather (although know that can't be guaranteed).

I'd like somewhere not too commercial or over lively (don't really want/need evening entertainment etc) but with a pool and play areas etc. Close to pretty french beaches/towns would also be nice! Anyone got any reccomendations?

Yonihadtoask Tue 17-Sep-13 17:40:02

Only done it once - and our DC were older than yours.

We did enjoy it though

We stayed in Perros Guirec in Brittany, with Keycamp.

Le Ranolien

It was a clifftop walk down to the town and beach (maybe a little too far for small DC), but ours just trudged on. The site itself was nice though, with a couple of pools and bars/restaurants.

We went through Keycamp, but you can book directly with the site -which may be better value, and maybe better accommodation too.

denialandpanic Wed 18-Sep-13 18:04:47

camping De la baie la trinite sur mer in Brittany.we have just booked our third year in a row with eurocampgrin

r3d3 Wed 18-Sep-13 18:19:34

We went to la Baie a couple of weeks ago, it's LOVELY.

badger21 Wed 18-Sep-13 21:53:43

We camped at les druides at Carnac - in our own tent, but they had caravans too. We were blessed with fab weather, obviously not guaranteed in Brittany. The best campsite we have ever stayed on. A bit on the expensive side, but def worth it. Beaches beautiful. A holiday of simple pleasures.

r3d3 Thu 19-Sep-13 06:01:58

We saw les Druides on the tourist map. Carnac and the beaches are great.

ISingSoprano Thu 19-Sep-13 06:30:37

Another vote for camping de la baie. We have been there six times since dc were small - they are now 18 and 15 and it still our favourite.

alisonjjo Sun 29-Sep-13 11:49:26

If you fancy somewhere a little further south, i can highly recommend Le Clarys Plage went there with the kids (8, 5 and 3) and hubby and we all had a great time. Weather was a constant 24-30 with only 2 grey days. Pool complex is brilliant with water slides, lazy river, water jets and a dragon play area. The beach (les mouettes) is within walking distance and is very sandy, very long and all the locals appear to go there which is good and the main resort of St Jean de Monts has everything you could ask for, again with a massive beach which stretches for miles upon miles.

There is evening entertainment there but we never took part.

IceCreamForCrow Sun 29-Sep-13 11:54:58

Le Haras is in the South of France. We've been twice and it's lovelysmile

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