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electric coolboxes - am finding it hard to fine one that's mains powered!

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nipersvest Sat 20-Jul-13 09:38:24

can anyone recommend one?, we're on a budget (£50 max) and so far most i've looked at run off the car. really want a mains powered one, or is the answer to buy an adapter so we can plug it in, is it safe to do that?

trixymalixy Sat 20-Jul-13 09:42:38

Halfords do a 12v to mains adaptor to use with their electric cool boxes. It's shown in the bundle at the bottom of this page


Mum2Fergus Sat 20-Jul-13 16:35:07

I've an Outwell 24L coolbox that comes with a 12v and 240v lead so you can use off cigarette lighter or mains. I got mine in Go Outdoors for around £55...holds loads and very quiet.

bubagump Sun 21-Jul-13 00:17:48

I second the outwell 24L from go outdoors. Have only used it off cigarette lighter so far, but was very pleased.

LittleEsme Thu 25-Jul-13 23:29:36

I'm thinking about getting one but what happens on the overnight ferry? Will everything melt?

Ledkr Thu 25-Jul-13 23:38:53

I use an adapter too. Plug into mains then plug cooler into attached socket. Not sure about on ferry we don't carry food really but if you are going to France many sites have fridge hire. I'm going tomorrow and have my fridge booked already.

troutsprout Fri 26-Jul-13 12:27:00

Aldi ? Their camping stuff was a few weeks back... But you could be lucky. Our one has both car and mains plugs

HattyJack Fri 26-Jul-13 12:33:10

I can confirm the Aldi ones have both, but they sold out weeks ago around here sad

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