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This is my cute little tent ...

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roisin Mon 05-Jun-06 18:21:24

It's titchy compared to all of yours
But we like it. It's quite light and doesn't take up much space in the car.
Peakland Hartington

sparkler1 Mon 05-Jun-06 18:25:20

aw cute! - we'd never be able to fit us and all our gear into that one though. We have a 6/7 person tent at the moment and after our last camping trip have realised that maybe next year we will need to invest in a bigger one.

Blandmum Mon 05-Jun-06 18:31:40

Nice, a vis a vis in the trade

If the weather is fine you only need the space to crash out of an evening, and if it rains you can still get out and about. And as you say, nice and small in the back of the car.

Mercy Mon 05-Jun-06 18:35:54

I like it! Fab colour too - at least with that one I wouldn't spend 20 mins wandering round the campsite lost in a sea of green/blue/brown trying to remember which one is ours

roisin Mon 05-Jun-06 18:36:59

Yeah, we couldn't do a week in it - and we wouldn't want to be stuck in it long if the weather's very wet and miserable. But atm we only envisage doing 2-3 nights when the forecast is great

I want one of those big windbreaks though. Where's the best place to get them?

Blandmum Mon 05-Jun-06 18:56:07

Don't get the outwell one, it is crap. Get on from a beach side vendor and get a bloody great big mallet to hammer it into the groupd. The outwell one is a flimsy thing that falls down in a mild breeze!

roisin Mon 05-Jun-06 19:22:44

Oh, I liked the look of those big outwell ones .. Vango do one too. What's wrong with them?

I actually threw out two big 'beach-style' windbreaks in the autumn when we were clearing out the shed

Pixel Mon 05-Jun-06 21:50:35

Roisin, it's almost the same as ours . We've just got an extra little bedroom bit on the back.

We chose it for the same reason as you, we only had a tiny car and it fits into a small bag. It's a good little tent though.

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