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Shall I get an Electric Hook Up?

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Migsy1 Sat 13-Aug-11 23:50:31

I am going camping in a couple of weeks and the pitch has an EHU. I am wondering, apart from lighting, if there is anything else I could use it for to enhance our camping experience. Not sure if it is worth the outlay.
Any advice appreciated!

RedBlanket Sat 13-Aug-11 23:53:02

Electric heater

Wouldn't be without ours.

basingstoke Sat 13-Aug-11 23:55:06

We use it for our fridge and kettle too.

Mammonite Sat 13-Aug-11 23:55:28

Fridge box (although you do have to put up with it whirring all night). Such a relief to be free of iceblocks. Also good for charging phones etc.

Tommy Sat 13-Aug-11 23:58:59

DH got one this year and I was a bit hmm but it was nice having cold milk all the time and not worrying about freezer blocks, charging my phone and on a very rainy evening, the DSs watched a DVD before bed.
My poor camping-fan Dad would be turning in his grave but I have to say, it was quite handy grin

SherlockHolmes Sun 14-Aug-11 00:05:57

You will be in a line with lots of other EHU people though, rather than a bit more spread out. Have never had one (although would secretly love to take my hairdryer camping)

Vajazzler Sun 14-Aug-11 00:14:00

We take our toaster camping. And the kettle. Charge my phone. Once at the washing up station I saw someone washing out their slow cooker.

Zippylovesgeorge Sun 14-Aug-11 07:40:50

Use it for the fridge box (though we unplug that overnite as I hate the whirring), charging phones and the kids DS's.

Migsy1 Sun 14-Aug-11 12:24:33

Thanks for the tips. As I have paid the extra for the EHU pitch, I think I might as well indulge and get one. smile

GingerWrath Sun 14-Aug-11 15:56:39

I use it for my little toaster oven and a small tv. Vajazzler that might have been me. I sometimes take my slowcooker, chuck a stew in in the morning and come back from rainy and cold glorious day on the beach to a nice comforting and warming meal.

IloveJudgeJudy Sun 14-Aug-11 17:56:55

Might have been us, too. We have a very small slow cooker that we sometimes use when we're camping in the UK. There are loads of things you can use EHU for, just be careful and don't use the kettle and the heater at the same time as it can trip the bollard. (Speaking from experience. sometimes if you're very unlucky it can trip the whole thing and affect the others on the bollard, too.)

Migsy1 Tue 16-Aug-11 18:55:19

Thanks! I've just bought one. smile

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