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What food to take?

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flatmouse Thu 21-Jul-11 09:32:23

We go on Sunday (with friends). Am completely disorganised this year and the way things are am likely to forget the tent!
I need help planning some food to take - car will be pretty full (unless we do forget the tent in which case we'll have loads of room for food!) so i need some basics to get us going.
There is a coop fairly close to campsite (10 min drive) and a shop onsite but from last year, it tends to sell bacon/sausages and not much else (apart from sweets).

List so far (top 2 are essentials!):
pancake mix (already have bottle shaker so will go for packets)
baked beans
bread for first breakfast
savoury rice
brown sauce (apparently an essential according to hubbie)

Thanks for suggestions smile

flatmouse Thu 21-Jul-11 12:22:14

Aw come on - please help!

saladfingers Thu 21-Jul-11 12:38:45

Are you veggie?
fruit/snacks for the kids

flatmouse Thu 21-Jul-11 12:40:49

Def not veggie - but figured could get bacon/sausage from the onsite shop.
Had forgotten tea/coffee - another must thanks
and milk! (told you i wasn't with it at the moment).

overthemill Thu 21-Jul-11 12:48:24

salt/pepper/mixed herbs/marmite/peanut butter/jam/marg or butter/small bottle olive oil/mayo/tom sauce/tea/coffee/long life milk/something for first night tea (I'm taking chicken fillets which will thaw on the road, tarragon, carton cream, bag salad and pasta) (but often resort to pasta and jar tom based sauce with tuna in it/something for first breakfast/chocolate for first night and something to appease kids while tent being erected??

food bags/sharp knife/bottle opener/corkscrew/colondar/tin opener/small chopping board/cooker/kettle/pans/matches/marshmallows

that kind of thing is in my essential kit (and loads of it is already in box in garage waiting to go, year after year we bring it home wash it up repack and put all away. so easy just to grab it.

flatmouse Thu 21-Jul-11 12:52:41

Thanks otm, cooking equipment is already in garage with rest of camping stuff - so as long as it all gets grabbed we're sorted there.

Liking the sound of your first night tea. Going EHU and have electric cool box so will have normal milk (hate long life stuff)
Will raid cuboards for herbs (never thought of that before)

overthemill Thu 21-Jul-11 12:58:53

yes it is truly delicious easy to cook and takes about 10 mins tops esp if you use tagiatelle. Nicked it off a friend. Fry chicken, add tarragon once sealed. cook until cooked iyswim and then at the end add cream to warm through. can add garlic but we love it very simple. All kids love it and request it. Use as much tarragon as you like - i buy glass jars and reckon one lasts three of these dinners.

i also have started to take a meal ready cooked but frozen that thaws for the next night too. (could just be meatballs or home made burgers) we are on a tight budget and that gets us through until we are settled and sorted out then we have a treat fish n chips on night 3.

enjoy the break, we go sunday too and cannot wait grin

TastyMuffins Fri 22-Jul-11 22:29:55

Here are some of my favourites, we have camping meals at our allotment frequently so store stuff down there that will last and also as not having a car, we need to go lightweight.

Tesco wild mushroom risotto - dried packet stuff, add extra vege if required

Instant pasta in cheese sauce, either the ones you just add boiling water to in a mug or the one you add milk to and boil, again add extra vege

Vegetarian sausage mix, perhaps nothing like the meaty sausages you're used to so maybe best thought of as vegetarian patties rather than sausages. Just add water then shape, I find flatten balls the easiest ones to do.

Flavoured couscous mix, again add some veg or even feta cheese

Tuna in sachets with sauce, great for accompanying the risotto, or couscous.

TastyMuffins Fri 22-Jul-11 23:22:34

I forgot to put boil in the bag curries on there, the Asian ones like Palak Paneer, Dahl Makhani, Channa Massala, you find them in the World Foods section of large supermarkets, rice to have with them or long life chapattis.

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