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Has anybody been to Camping Les Menhirs in Carnac

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millypip Wed 29-Jun-11 17:02:08

Hi everybody, after a bit of a saga we are heading to Camping Les Menhirs in Carnac in just over a week. (the children could probably tell you how many hours there are to go!).

Has anybody been there and do you have any tips? I hope its ok. It looks good. I've been to Carnac before but don't know this site. My main question is, is the pool a "no shorts" pool? I'm not sure if I could keep a straight face with my husband prancing round in speedos for a week!

Thank you.........

GnomeDePlume Thu 30-Jun-11 21:50:17

Millypip we last stayed there a couple of years ago. It's a fairly tightly packed site with limited facilities onsite. It's big advantage is that it is within walking distance of Carnac which is a really nice old fashioned Breton town. There are loads of places to eat out in Carnac. The local speciality is crepes in all their forms and a million fillings to suit all tastes. There is a marvellous ice cream shop with all the flavours you could possibly imagine (plus some you couldnt).

Regarding swimwear. Your DH (and DS regardless of age) should take both baggies and snugs. Most campsites allow the tight shorts so long as they have a short leg. IME everyone gets used to seeing them very quickly to the point where my 12 year old DS didnt complain. A lot of men where the baggies while lounging round on the side of the pool with the snugs under for when they actually get in the water. It is much less of an issue once there.

Do go and look at the standing stones while you are there. There is something really impressive about them. My DH found some in a woodland setting which we were able to go up to and the DCs climbed on them. Truly magical.

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