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Can't lose baby weight 3 years on!

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Emabrmsca Fri 29-Sep-17 20:03:28

I feel so shitty about my weight, in particular my stomach.
I used to be a slim size 6-8 before pregnancy, my daughter is nearly 3 and I am size 12-14 with a flabby belly.
It's horrible. When out one day someone asked me when the next one is due and nodded to my stomach. I'm not pregnant.
Felt really upset but put on a brave face and laughed it off but it has stuck with me.
I started a diet a few weeks ago and have got an exercise bike and asked for a treadmill for Christmas so hopefully will see some results soon ish.
Any one else struggle to lose their baby weight? Or have any good tips for getting my tummy less pregnant looking?
Has anyone ever been asked about being pregnant when they're not?

OliviaD68 Sun 15-Oct-17 17:31:10


Yep. And it’s easy and healthy. And you can dial to your level of comfort.

No need to cut calories either.

Watch this vid first. Then come back if you need help.

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