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Son has been called fatty by friends

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lotti37 Tue 06-Nov-18 22:42:37

Today at lunchtime my son was called fatty by a friend in secondary school who he has known for a long time. My son got up from the table and a group of them followed and carried on calling him fatty . I feel so sad about this and angry kids are so cruel. What should he do . Should I say anything to his dad who I know well. He is a bit overweight which we are working on but he now does not want to go into school . He has lunch with them normally and he is supposed to go to their party in a few weeks time . Any advice thank you x

cakedup Tue 06-Nov-18 22:49:58

So sorry to hear this. You should report this bullying to the school, tell them he now doesn't want to come in and what support can they give him. My DS has anxiety issues and sees a counsellor at his school, as well having access to a mentor.

Secondary school can be so brutal. Do you know the tone in which it was done? Not that it's ever alright to call someone 'fatty', but I know within ds circle of friends they're forever taking the mickey out of each other's haircuts etc.

lotti37 Tue 06-Nov-18 23:48:47

Hi thanks for your comments . It’s worse because they are the boys he has lunch with every day . Difficult to report then. He is in year 9 . We had lots of issues last year but seemed better the end of last school year I am not sure of the tone really . It’s one thing saying it once but to say it over and over is horrible . I know the boy who started it he has known for about 7 years . My son is very sensitive but comments like this would affect anyone .

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