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Reception: Knife on eye/cheek of 4y old, should we do anything else?

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mickael28 Mon 18-Sep-17 21:54:11

Hi all,

We are 1st time parents and our 4y summer-born daughter started reception last week. Today was her first day staying half day in school and having lunch there.

She was in reception in a different area and she just know another girl in the new school. Our doubt is that when she finished her half day today and my wife picked her up, she was really serious and kind of scared because she said that other 2 girls put a knife in her eye/cheek when they finished their lunch and were living the dinnig room.

Thank God nothing happened but we were shocked that this could even happen?!, the only thing we thought of doing on the spot was to tell the teacher and she just said that next time our daughter had to tell her as well.

Do you think we should do anything else? ie, tell somewhere else: reception, head teacher, or something else? Basically, we don't have much experience and we're not sure if we should just leave it this way and hope it doesn't repeat or if it's better to say someone else for now, rather than just this conversation with the teacher today.

What do you think?

Many thanks!

GreenTulips Mon 18-Sep-17 23:02:37

What happens? Did they threaten or was it an accident?

What did the teacher do? Was it investigated?

Most kids have a tray for lunch and untenable are carried in the middle of the tray sonshouldnt be near eyes!

You need more information

mickael28 Mon 18-Sep-17 23:34:12

We asked her if they were playing, and she was just serious too us saying... no, not playing, they just put the knife to me here. First one, and then she left, then the other, and then the other left as well.

She told my wife when she was picked up and my wife told the teacher, but that was our doubt. That the teacher just said, ok, so next time she needs to tell me, but that's it. No investigation of anything further, and no one else (other than the teacher) knows at present... so not sure if we need to say anything to someone else, so at least, they are officially aware, somehow?

PS: sorry, it seems there's a duplicate of the post. I didn't see it appearing in this section, so I put it on education after, and now I can see it here as well...

JessTavener Wed 25-Oct-17 22:28:52

Tell them to call the police

MummaDeeDee Tue 31-Oct-17 22:57:44

When your wife or you go in tomorrow ask the teacher how the situation will be resolved. They should speak to the other children. Reassure your daughter that any time she needs anything she should ask a member of staff, they are there to keep her safe and happy.

soapboxqueen Tue 31-Oct-17 23:03:39

At pick up tomorrow, ask the teacher if she got to the bottom of what had happened. You can't expect her to have an instant answer for something she wasn't aware had occurred. If she hasn't tried to find out then you can ask to speak to the key stage leader, the deputy or the Head and ask them to investigate.

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