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happy ending

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redtulips123 Wed 24-May-17 19:53:49

Hi just wanted to share a positive story -- spanning 4 years. DD is currently Year 6. In Year 3 and 4, she was totally excluded (bully may be too strong of a word, I'm not sure) by a clique of girls in her year. There were only 7 girls total and only one form in the year (small satellite campus of a larger school), and 4 of the girls were in the clique. DD was really quite miserable those 2 years. She would ask if she could play with them on the playground, they would say OK, then totally ignore while she played near them. They would tell her she was dumb and weird, talk about all the things they did together in front of her, all their playdates/ sleepovers, etc, when she was clearly never invited. Nothing physical, just the more typical passive aggressive young girl type bullying. One girl was truly the ring leader. And honestly, any of these girls on their own, was nice enough to be around, but when together...
In Year 5, the small campus merged with the large campus, and with 4 forms in each year, the school made sure to split up that whole clique (well done by the school, if a year late). DD made all new friends and started to love school.

Fast forward to this year -- the former ring leader has been in DD's Year 6 class. After all these years of not getting along, they have become great friends! We are moving to UK in August, and this girl (and not her mom!) has organized a Going Away party for DD.
I've just been amazed how much better things got with a year of separation -- not being in the same form for Year 5 made such a difference......

I'm just so pleased to the see the turnaround and the happy ending....

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