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user1484932208 Fri 20-Jan-17 17:28:02

Hi everyone, just looking for advice on my 6yo girl and her school situation.

From the start of school she has struggled to make a good friendship group and has struggled with the eating fruit and veg at break times.
There is one girl in particular who she has had several run ins with, their personalities obviously don't match, I discussed with y1 teacher and we found two girls who she would like the play with. Y1 went swimmingly!

Y2, her best friend has now left the school and she has found it hard but has persevered, however the original girl is now having more run ins with her; "you have to say sorry to me because you played with us without asking", and completely ignoring her today when DD asked to play because her friend was off, DD cried from being ignored and was watched by the child as she cried, but then found someone else to play!

I brought these incidents to the teachers attention as we were both aware of the best friend leaving and wanted her to cope. I was then told it was my fault and I should stop asking how her day has been because I am creating an issue when there isn't one... in short to stop fussing and keep my nose out!

Today I sent DD into school with raisins as she doesn't typically eat the fruit veg offered. I learn that she was told she could not take her fruit out at break time and she had to sit in the office, when the rest of the school can take the fruit provided by the school outside...!

I feel I can't go to the teacher anymore and now my gut instinct is to just move schools, it has been 3 years of little incidents like this and I'm at a loss! My DD isn't miserable or depressed but she is more often than not unhappy.


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