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Please help me with tips for meeting with teacher about girl on girl bulling in Y3.

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knickernicker Tue 25-Feb-14 16:49:03

I am anxious because I don't have great hopes for a positive outcome. The teacher is nice but seems old schoolish. She deals well with concrete issues e.g. Boys hitting but I'm not hopeful that she'll understand and act on the issues dd is having with bother little girl.
DD is shy, self contained but fun and imaginative at home. from what DD describes, the other girl doesn't like her. Sh will whisper and tell others not to talk to her, push her, boss her around etc. everything is done under the radar.
The teacher describes the girls (only 3 others in class) as lovely. This little girl is utterly charming with all adults. I feel that I'm going to have a long haul 1. For teacher to think what u say is credible and to to produce outcomes to make the atmosphere healthier.

knickernicker Tue 25-Feb-14 16:54:11

Sorry just a bit more background so I don't drip feed. dD was new in September. She's always found it hard to start friendships but had a good group of friends in her old school.
In her recent report teacher said that DD needs to accept overtures of friendship from others. I have talked and worked on his with dd and she's now made friends with 1 of the 3 girls.
My worry us that teacher will blame dd's shyness for the bullying.

samned Sun 20-Jul-14 00:22:54

My friend was bullied by another girl who used her brother to bully her, her brother then beat her up in front of that girl since then she has been isolated from everyone because this girl just tell everyone that 'she did this and she did that' and everything she does she will inform everyone even if they don't want to know about it. She then went a step further and started following her home and telling her mother stories about her at school and lying that she is taking drugs resulting in her being beaten up by her brother at home. This girl was so abused and whenever this girl made an attempt at befriending another person she would come in and start bullying her until they all started ganging up on her.
This goes on in all the schools and is a very common problem these people will never really outgrow their school years and they feel or wish they were back in school because they have a power trip. The best thing to do is bring it all in the open so that the bully knows you are on to them, it is best to do this when both the bully and the bullied are present. This gives the bullied an opportunity to answer back so they can have it out with the bully so they could find a common platform to talk and have a decent discussion.

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