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redpants Mon 18-Oct-10 14:14:58

my son is finding school to much ,he gets called names bumped in to no one wants to be his friend if any one talks to him they get called he has no self esteem he needs me to support him i try but do not think i am helping i tell him i love him i always listen i have been to school i feel useless any advice

wfrances Mon 18-Oct-10 14:21:43

how old is he?what is school doing about it?does he have mates outside school?

redpants Mon 18-Oct-10 14:39:57

he is ten the school are watching out but as most people know they dont do it in front of teachers he has no mates out of school and finds it hard to make them he has so many knock backs he has stopped trying he has wrapped himself up and find it hard to let people in

wfrances Mon 18-Oct-10 14:58:33

so hes still in juniors,thats awful .my eldest suffered with bullying even though hes a black belt in karate,hes 15 1/2 now ,hes just learnt to accept it,i feel bad but theres nothing more i can do,
have you tried sending him to a martial arts class,we sent ds at 5 .it teaches them emotional strength and self esteem.
my ds is very different from his peers and thats what makes him a target.hes very senstive,likes to read ect..
school should have given him or you a bullying diary/write down every thing on a daily basis inc names and phone school daily.good luck

redpants Tue 19-Oct-10 10:08:30

thankyou we are thinking about karate i think it is time i went back to school again

StewieGriffinsMom Tue 19-Oct-10 10:12:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lerose Tue 19-Oct-10 16:22:35

This is always a problem in schools with teachers often ignoring bullying problems. There's an interesting blog post about a similar problem here: in-the-face/

lisylisylou Sun 28-Nov-10 21:40:32

Just stumbled on this thread. We've been having huge problems with bullying and our son being on the receiving end of it. We've got one kid sorted out and luckily the headmaster is really good. However, my son was was tied up with skipping rope against a fence by other kids. Lots of other kids surrounding him and laughing at him. I was wild when I found out and sent the school an incredibly strong letter saying that they had failed in their duty to care for him. I also said that I wanted a full written report back within 14 days. It worked really well and the main boy has been excluded for 5 days!!!

lisylisylou Sun 28-Nov-10 21:41:41

Plus also forgot to mention that we're getting him into some sort of martial arts to help him feel stronger

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