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Hiring an electric breastpump ~ possible?

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titan Fri 31-May-13 11:37:52

I found my local NCT unhelpful. They didn't have any pumps available. I hired from Ardo. It was very easy. They delivered and then collected when I was finished. It was around £30 per month for a hospital grade pump that would cost over £800 to buy.

Mz123 Fri 31-May-13 11:35:13

Hello I was hoping to rent a breast pump but not sure of the cost can anyone help please and where.

Thanks in advance!

CubC Mon 29-Oct-12 12:24:06

Hello! Breast pumps can be hired through a company called Ardo - you can find them here: Ardo - Breast Pump Hire

Hope this helps!

hellymelly Fri 18-May-12 14:28:46

Or try the boards, or freecycle, as they are often chucked out. I have one and have used it once, when I had a blocked duct, and would post you mine except I'm still bf and may need it if I get a blockage again. So you may well easily pick up one for nothing.

Raph71 Fri 18-May-12 14:26:09

thank you!

EldonAve Fri 18-May-12 13:26:25

nct hires them

Raph71 Fri 18-May-12 12:55:59

I am only considering breastfeeding for a short period but know i will need to express. Is it possible to hire good quality electric breast pumps from e.g. a pharmacy? If so, where (Boots seem to only have them for sale)? thank you

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