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Medela mini electric breast pump - for occasional use only??

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alliejane Wed 27-Jul-05 15:28:19


I'm planning to buy the Medela mini electric breast pump (not the double, just the single, which costs about £42(, but I notice that many of the websites say that it is just for occasional use. Can anyone who has one tell me if this is true, or just a ploy to encourage people to buy a more expensive model? I've never had a baby before, but would imagine I would need to use it more often than just occasionally.

Chandra Wed 27-Jul-05 15:31:59

I got one and it was fine (I used it twice a day for about 40 min each time which I believe it's a lot).

I believe that when they refer to with ocassional use is to the fact that you also will be breastfeeding directly. If you need to feed a baby that need to have the milk extracted and given by a tube/bottle for medical reasons the hospital most likely will lend you a "professional" one. But I doubt you will get to that, so the MEdela should be fine.

Marina Wed 27-Jul-05 15:37:55

I used mine daily for at least nine months, alliejane, because I returned to work and was expressing. It stood the pace really well.
I agree with Chandra, it's probably because they assume most people use it to supplement b/f.
You can sterilise the trumpet bit in a steam steriliser but IIRC not in a microwave one...

motherinferior Wed 27-Jul-05 15:39:43

It's fine to use a lot! The only thing I would say is that the batteries run out quite quickly.

Chandra Wed 27-Jul-05 15:44:30

Oh the batteries!, that's true. We had rechargable batteries for it, having said that I preffer to spend the money in getting rechagable batteries than using a hand activated pump, I feel a lot of respect for those who manage to use the hand pump continuosly without getting a tendinitis.

fastasleep Wed 27-Jul-05 15:46:34

I used mine about 6 times a day lol it lasted about 5 months at that pace... the avent isis lasts longer but kills your wrists and the medela one in a backpack broke after 3 months or so...

alliejane Fri 29-Jul-05 12:37:35

Thanks everyone! That's all really helpful.

jabberwocky Fri 29-Jul-05 12:48:56

I used the Ameda Purely Yours. Ds had nipple confusion and weaned himself at about 3 months so I wound up expressing full time for the next 10 months! It really stood up to the test.

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