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any advice on weanig at 1 please

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hermykne Thu 14-Jul-05 07:43:00

ds 1 in two wks, i am just back from hols with him and he drank so much water from a bottle, cup (tommy tippee lidded one ) and a regular bottle (altho he spluttered that out), that i feel now i want to wean him totally.

he has a morn feed and even pre bed feed, the even being quite short.

what do i do?
he's generally tiredcome night so just put him down and see what happens?

i am offering cows milk now in a cup (just today), as well as on his porridge, not keen on the milk in a cup.
i would be concerned about his calcium intake but will compensate with his dietary intake.

do people just stop and do a mean mom kinda thing,
before anyone says would i not keep it up, i have done my stint at it and for me its time to stop

hercules Thu 14-Jul-05 08:53:15

Different people do different things. Some stop and refuse. Probably causes crying but as long as you dont give in the crying wont last forever.
If it's in the morning change your routine so that the opportunity doesnt arise. If i dont want to feed dd in the am I make sure we get up straight away and go downstairs so the moment passess.
At night time see if someone else can put him to bed whilst your out so he gets used to going to bed without it.

TracyK Thu 14-Jul-05 08:58:59

Agree - just get up out of bed and get on with breakfast etc - and distract him. Would he not take a bed time bottle? - maybe you'd not want to start him on that one??
my ds still has 9 ozs before bed and thats after din dins.
I also still give him his morning milk in a bottle in bed with us - he also gave up bf at 1 yo.

hermykne Thu 14-Jul-05 12:14:04

thanks for youradvice girls , no lying on for 30mins then
tracyk i wouldnt mind if he decided to take a bottle at night but he shows no interest in milk in a bottle only water

TracyK Thu 14-Jul-05 12:29:36

or you could get up and go get a bottle of milk and then snuggle up in bed - with dressing gown ON AND CLOSED TIGHT - thats what I did. Now its a nice snuggly relaxing time for us as we watch cartoons.

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