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Strange vomiting in a 6 week old baby

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PolarMummy Sun 25-Oct-09 17:52:32

DS will be 6 weeks old tomorrow and I have been having real problems with his feeding. Suspect he has reflux and or colic and have tried different things to try and help him as he is really unsettled and seems to be in pain at times.

He does sometimes vomit straight after his feed, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot but he has also now started vomiting 2-3hrs after his feed, and rather than it looking like digested milk it looks more like slightly coloured water. It doesn't seem to particularily bother him and it isn't projectile or anything. Anyone any experience of this or something similar? He is exclusively breastfed so I am not giving him water to drink.

Dr is being particularily useless at the moment so would appreciate any help. Thanks for your help.

thisisyesterday Sun 25-Oct-09 17:56:56

all sounds normal to me! some/most babies are sick, fairly frequently.
all of mine have behaved the same as yours. often sick after a feed, sometimes a teeny bit, sometimes a lot. we often get the watery looking stuff in between times

being a bit sicky is normal for a baby, there only need be concern if it appears that the baby is in pain/discomfort from it, or if baby is not gaining weight well/losing weight

again colic is something that a lot of babies get, and that is not necessarily connected to his being sick.
my second baby was very colicky and it turned out he was intolerant to dairy and egg, when i cut hem out of my diet he was fine.
perhaps you could keep a food diary for a bit and see if there is anything obvious triggering the colic/sickness?

PolarMummy Sun 25-Oct-09 21:23:02

Thanks thisisyesterday, it was mainly the bringing up the watery looking stuff long after being fed that I was querying, the other bits were really just for background info in case it was related.

Keeping a food diary might be worth it just to see if there is any relation. Do you know how long after eating something your milk is affected?

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