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anyone had a good experience of Jelonet and where did you get it from?

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fairylights Mon 12-Oct-09 22:14:05

have had cracked nipples which have healed up and then re-cracked a few times in the last few weeks despite massive use of Lansinoh and obsessive breastpad changing - my dd is 8 weeks old now and I have kept thinking that it would all get better as i bf my ds without any problems at all..
i think i need to stop being stubborn and see a BFC asap but in the meantime a friend has told me that her BFC really recommended Jelonet - can't seem to find it from anywhere reputable online and my local chemist have ordered in Jelonet pads for me but are they the same thing?
TIA! smile

hairymelons Mon 12-Oct-09 22:17:55

Have you investigated the possibility of thrush? Sounds like it could be if it keeps coming back. Obviously I'm not a HCP or anything but maybe worth considering. There's really good info on the BFN website.
Never tried Jelonet, lansinoh always did it for me.

fairylights Mon 12-Oct-09 22:22:47

thanks hairymelons, have now seen 2 different GPs and a HV about the possibility of thrush after a BFC suggested this to me on the phone but neither of them thought this was the problem although i read a bit about it and the symptoms sound the same as mine! hmmm..

hairymelons Mon 12-Oct-09 22:29:17

Have you tried LLL or NCT? They might send someone out to you so they can see whether it is latch or indeed thrush. Numbers here
Sorry I've gone off topic....any Jelonet fans out there?

PrettyCandles Mon 12-Oct-09 22:30:48

I used Jelonet, found it fantastic and have continued buying it for other uses (dh's fingertips often crack, and they heal much better with Jelonet under the plaster).

The pads are the right thing, I think. It comes as a net soaked or coated in a waxy stuff - white paraffin, I think - which you cut to size and apply. The net is held between two stiff sheets of paper sealed in an envelope. You can just peel away a bit of the envelope, cut off what you need (a 1cm square should be about right), peel it off the backing paper and put it on your nipple. Put a breastpad over it to hold in place and prevent your clothes getting grease-marked. You can then just fold the envelope back over the remainder and keep for the next use. It doesn't need to be sterile. I used to put a clothespeg on it to keep it closed and kept it in the fridge.

I'm being ridiculously detailed here because I know how brain-dead you can get at this stage. When I first used Jelonet it took me nearly a week to work out that you had to remove the piece of net from the paper!

Definitely go see a BFC in person. Many bfing support groups will accomodate your toddler as well. The Jelonet is just to tide you over until you do so - it won't solve the problem.

HellBent Mon 12-Oct-09 22:31:34

Jelonet is just like vaseline on some gauze pads. I have some left over from feeding DD if you want to email me? They are all sealed like bandages are, I used to cut one inch squares to make it last longer. I've had thrush and really sympathise if it's that, I felt like I was feeding DD with barbed wire not milk!

kimberly bell 2002 at hotmail dot com

No spaces.

HellBent Mon 12-Oct-09 22:33:06

Xpost with prettycandles, her description is much better than mine! (I'm still brain dead and DD is three!)

fairylights Mon 12-Oct-09 22:36:45

thanks so much! prettycandles i am very much at that brain-fried stage so the detail is v useful!
Hellbent thanks too - am going to pick up some from the chemist tomorrow and see how much is in a pack but may well email you, thats so kind, thanks!
so the other thing i am wondering is - is it ok to just remove the gauze-y thing and feed straight away or do you have to wash the waxy stuff off the nipple before feeding (ouch!)? cheers.

Melody4 Mon 12-Oct-09 22:41:55

Hi. Wipe it off a bit but it will be fine. I used Jelonet alot woth my son who had a tongue-tie and chewed me to pieces. Remember that Lansinoh has lanolin in - a common substance to be allergic to! Try Palmers nipple cream or similar without lanolin in and things may get better.

PrettyCandles Mon 12-Oct-09 22:41:57

IIRC I used to just wipe it off with the breastpad. By the time you feed the baby most of it seems to have been abosrbed by your skin anyway. Like moisturiser, perhaps.

Melody4 Mon 12-Oct-09 22:42:58

Oh also ask a good doctor if you can get them free on prescription - they cost a fortune to buy.

mummywoowoo Tue 13-Oct-09 21:08:37

Sainsbury's for Jelonet - excellent for sore nipples... barring any other issues of course.

Really helped me and friends.

The price will seem worth it I know it! (Think how much you're saving on not using formula!)

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