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how exactly does dreamfeeding work?

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trixie123 Tue 06-Oct-09 19:57:08

I am mix feeding my 9 wk old DS and he is sleeping really well at night, from 8pmish to 8amish with one feed (6oz) somewhere between 2-4am but I am wondering if I could dreamfeed him enough at about 10.30-11 (ie before I go to bed)to get him through til morning. This could be breast or bottle but I don't really know what is meant by dreamfeed. Do I specifically wake him up for it or what? Advice gratefully received.

Jojay Tue 06-Oct-09 20:00:56

You lift him out of the cot while he's asleeo and gently offer him the boob / teat.

He will probably take it without waking. Don't burp him when he's done, just quietly pop him back in the cot.

That's how I did it anyway, and neither Ds woke up.

With Ds1 it had the desired effect of pushing him through till morning. Ds2 was a rubbish sleeper but it gave me 3 hours unbroken sleep at the beginning of the night.

Hope it works for you

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