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Locasol formula-Anyone using? And just general help on making bottles please ive BF for 22wk... Help!!

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wellbalanced Fri 18-Sep-09 20:49:26

My little DS is 5 month old and solely BF, He dropped two centiles on charts so paed started to look at things, did a blood test just to confirm no probs, He doesn't look skinny, Happy, Smiley, Chatty, Sleeping well, Meeting all his milestones and more.

Blood test came back with High calcium present, and they panicked me into lots more tests.
His calcium level is still high but all others areas seem fine.

He has been prescribed LOCASOL.

He has never had anything other then breastmilk and i was v worried he wouldn't take it. I was told to introduce it slowly to give him better chance of getting used to it but ideally they want him to have 35oz in 24hrs.
Today i made a 3oz bottle he took the lot so i made him another 3oz and polished that off too. Obviously im very happy with that but gutted im not feeding him
My plan is to do night feeds-breastfeed (if needed) and early am- Will this work? I then have to get 35oz into him over 12-14hrs...

How do i make up bottles?
What quantity do you think?
How often?
Will be abit trial and error at first i think.
Sorry for long post!!

you Sat 19-Sep-09 10:34:51

Bumping this up for you because I have no idea of the answers re: bfing I'm afraid sad Why is it you can't contiune bfing?

As for the formula, you need to add the powder to freshly boiled water (leave the kettle no longer than 30 mins) and cool under a running tap/ stand in a bowl of cold water. If his feeds are a bit sporadic still you can do what I do which is to keep a bottle of say 3 oz cooled boiled water in the fridge, then when he's hungry, boil the kettle, mix 3 oz of the hot water to 6 scoops of powder, shake well till it's dissolved then add the water from the fridge. This way you're still ensuring the powder has no nasties in, but he can drink it immediately.

As for amounts, my 6mo DD has never taken more than 5oz at a time but feeds regularly, about every 2 1/2-3 hours. Seeing as how he took 6 oz last time, I'd make that (6 scoops: 180ml water) and see how you go. If he drains it, make another ounce smile

Hope this helps and you get more advice on your situation re breastfeeding soon.

tiktok Sat 19-Sep-09 11:43:49

Must be worrying for you, wellbalanced

I have never heard of a baby being diagnosed with high calcium - what would be wrong with this, and what is the risk of doing nothing, what is the normal range....all questions you need to ask, and may well have done, I know.

All the questions on making up the bottles and how often and when to give need to be discussed with the medical team...they are the ones prescribing this, and there may be medical implications in all your queries.

35 oz of this formula is a lot. It would be difficult to maintain breastfeeding with this amount. This again might be something to discuss with the docs.

wellbalanced Sun 20-Sep-09 22:03:56

Thanks for you help, Im arranging an apt with dietician so that will hopefully help me more.
He's taken to the milk v well but im missing feeding him sad
Ive introduced the bottle gradually and been bf at night i dont know if this is right..
Making up bottles is going ok Urgh what hassle!!!

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