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Hotmilk bras on sale at Secret Sales

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LentilsRMe Thu 10-Sep-09 23:03:16

Just that really - they have the Cherry bomb chic for £9!!

If you need a recommendation just say and I will happily recommend you - don't have CAT I don't think - but will post my email address if you want.

lowrib Fri 11-Sep-09 01:20:46

Ooh Hot Milk! Bargain!

What's Secret Sales?

CaptainScarlet Fri 11-Sep-09 01:36:17

how does this work?

Longtalljosie Fri 11-Sep-09 06:21:12

Have just signed up. Google it and you'll be able to - but apparently that's a limited thing so act quickly...

becktay Sat 12-Sep-09 21:35:42

thank you! have just ordered something that doesn't resemble a sports bra!

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