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Switching from breast to formula at 14 weeks

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Gavotte Thu 10-Sep-09 19:52:21

Hi, I'm switching my daughter from breast to formula (long litany of breastfeeding problems, and still feeding every hour and a half throughout the night at 14 weeks which has left me pretty tired and desperate). She's been having one 120ml top up bottle in the evenings and takes formula fine. My question is on quantities during the transition period while I drop feeds. I want to get her eventually to have 5 formula feeds a day (180-200mls on general advice). I'm currently breastfeeding her around 12 times a day so she's used to having a lot less, although I know she can drink that amount as she has done last thing at night when I have expressed for her. How much should I be feeding her and how often until I have stopped producing milk? Many thanks.

Masalamama Fri 11-Sep-09 09:23:41

Follow the recommendations on the carton and see how much she takes. I found that formula kept my baby full for longer and so hopefully, she'll automatically start drinking less often. You also have to be tough, by the way. She's obviously developed a bad habit and you have to be prepared to play hardball, that is give her a feed and then wait for two-3 hrs until the next one. Gradually building up to 3-4 hrs. She's quickly learn that she needs to drink more but infrequently. Good luck!!

fishie Fri 11-Sep-09 09:27:12

sad at advising someone to 'be touch' and play hardball' with a 14week old baby.

KSal Fri 11-Sep-09 09:46:29

Initially you will need to go with her and feed her on demand as you did previously... you can't just change her routine straight off. However, once she is used to the formula and full time bottle feeding you can 'stretch' out her feed times little by little. She still weeny baby and will not be able to deal well with a sudden change or you being hard with her. Also she (and most importantly her stomache) are used to little and often for most of the day so you will need to gradually build up her capacity.

I speak from a very similar experience to you(from what you have said). i can totally sympathise with your desire to change things as i did exactly the same thing (although you lasted a couple of weeks longer than i did!). It worked out well for me and we were both much happier as a result.

Hope this helps!

tiktok Fri 11-Sep-09 10:01:18

totally, fishie.....hmm

Gavotte: there is no reason to make this harsh or difficult for your baby. It's kinder to both of you to make the tranisition stress-free, gradual and gentle. Your daughter has not developed 'bad habits' hmm but is a normal baby with normal behaviours and normal needs. These can be hard and tiring for a mother, I know. Formula fed babies do tend to go longer between feeds partly because the formula is harder to digest, but she may still prefer to have smaller amounts more often. So 5 times a day may not be the happiest option for her.

You do need to switch gradually for comfort and health's sake. A call to any of the bf helplines may give you some pointers and help you work out the easiest and gentlest way to do this, or your HV should help, too.

Hope things go smoothly for you.

tiktok Fri 11-Sep-09 10:02:05

Just to explain - the bf helplines won;t be able to advise on quantities of formula, but your HV should.

Gavotte Mon 14-Sep-09 12:38:29

Hi all, many thanks for the advice. At the moment she seems to be taking huge quantities of formula and of breast - we'll see how it goes...

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