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is it safe to take Amoxicillin while breast feeding?

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Phonicsangel Wed 09-Sep-09 23:26:37

Doctor advised me to stop as my DS may have a reaction?

MyCatIsAFleaBagNoMore Wed 09-Sep-09 23:29:10

I took it when I was pregnant and when bf and dr didn't say anything to me about reactions. DS is fine so assuming it was all ok.

I'm in no way a Dr though. Maybe ask him what the reaction could be.

Phonicsangel Wed 09-Sep-09 23:34:22

He said he may be allergic to penicillin and that it would come through to my milk . I've been holding off taking them but don't want to stop BF. Thanks for advice.

bigstripeytiger Wed 09-Sep-09 23:43:34

Amoxycillin is fine for breastfeeding usually. Is there any specific reason why your doctor thought that your DS might be at risk of an allergy?

If you arent sure could you phone the practice in the morning and ask a different GP?

Phonicsangel Wed 09-Sep-09 23:50:31

No not really other than he hadn't had it before . My other 2 children don't have a reaction to it so should be ok . The other doctors haven't given me anything before this doctor as i was BF , but it's been 10 wks now so needed something and finally they gave me these. Thanks will call surgery for reasurrance tomorrow.

cory Wed 09-Sep-09 23:57:28

My dd was prescribed amoxicillin at 2 months old, obviously with the warning to stop if she showed any signs of allergy.

wellbalanced Thu 10-Sep-09 08:17:14

Im takin penicillin whilst BF for mastitis and we're 'so far so good'

fishie Thu 10-Sep-09 08:22:21

ask for a different antib. ds and i were on bucket loads of it after he was born (cs) so there are certainly plenty it is safe to take. (i am allergic to penicillin)

pinkpeony Thu 10-Sep-09 14:41:11

I had strep throat when I was BFing 5 week old DS, GP prescribed some sort of penicillin based antibiotics, not only said it was fine but said hopefully whatever medication gets through to the breastmilk will protect DS from catching strep throat from me. DS never got sick at all, and I continued BFing the 5 days I took antibiotics.

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