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16 wk bobbing on & off breast

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nauseous Sun 06-Sep-09 21:26:26

My ds is exclusively bf.

For the 2 weeks or so he is constantly - every 8 sucks or so for mostfeeds - bobbing on & off and looking around him and squirming a bit, fiercely rubbing his eyes and eating his fist. This is new and strange... He is also drooling 247 and may be teething. So would I be right in thinking he's curious, possibly has wind and or teeth pain - or is something else going on?? Am I missing something?

He has 4 feeds a day between 7.30 and 7ish plus an extra one in the evening if inconsolable. Feeds for about 30-60 mins depending on number of distractions...

Putting on weight v well so no worries there.

Any ideas? Its driving me mad, feeds take forever, the whole cafe/park sees my boobs all the time when other similiar age babies are feeding far more efficiently... and besides its v difficult to know when he's had enough...? Otherwise seems chirpy etc...

QueenFee Sun 06-Sep-09 21:59:17

I remember mine becoming very nosy at this stage had to feed them in a dark room for a few weeks. I was at a breastfeeding group the other day and one of the mums was complaining about the same thing and her baby was about the same age.

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