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Help! My friend is bleeding from a nipple

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Breizhette Fri 28-Aug-09 20:05:31

she wants to know if she can still BF from that breast. Her DD is 6 months. Her nipple has been damaged by a whole night BF session (which she isn't used to). She freaked out because her DD had a black posset.

FlamingoBingo Fri 28-Aug-09 20:10:14

Yes it's fine. Shouldn't do baby any harm at all to ingest a bit of blood.

madwomanintheattic Fri 28-Aug-09 20:10:42

at 6 mos i'd take some professional advice tbh. (bumping for ya) i had bleeding early on and as long as the milk was just a bit pink lol i didn't stop - but i'd think it was quite unusual for a 6 mo to cause an issue in an experienced bfer?

Breizhette Fri 28-Aug-09 20:22:01

She shouldn't stop BF from that breast, though, should she?

madwomanintheattic Fri 28-Aug-09 20:32:04

i didn't ever stop because of bleeding, but at 6mos she should be able to judge whether there is something else going on. (i might be tempted to express a couple of feeds to prevent more chewing lol, before resuming, just to allow a chance to heal a bit - but personal choice - it depends if she finds expressing more or less damaging lol!)

if it continues i'd get it checked (has she got a friendly bf counsellor that she has ever used? - i suspect the gp would just mutter and suggest stopping lol)

(i used to joke that it provided extra protein - yurk - along with the bits of flesh that randomly became separated...) grin

Breizhette Fri 28-Aug-09 21:15:37

Thank you all! She said she didn't plan to introduce proteins just yet. I told her I would cary on too. I'll tell her to get it checked if it continues.

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