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just turnen 19m still night feeding help

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poltesco Sat 22-Aug-09 15:17:31

my dd has just turned 19months. she's always been low down on the centile (i know its nothing to worry about ) so deciced she must still need it. starting to get quite fed up now and really need her to sleep right through.she wakes up anytime from 3-5am

we have tried just not giving her any at all but she just gets really distressed and by 5am my dh says enough is enough please feed her ( that is after 2hrs of continious screaming and i mean screaming we have tried afew times adding 1/2hr a wk but we hit the 5am and she becomes so distressed.
but some nights vy rarely she will sleep through. please help!!

poltesco Sat 22-Aug-09 15:19:20

i forgot to say i'm still bf her

MrsBadger Sat 22-Aug-09 15:50:12

I found this article helpful - instead of his 3 day phases I did a week or so though depending how dd reacted

poltesco Sat 22-Aug-09 19:53:25

thanks mrsbadger, just a bit concerned dd use to wake regular and need a cuddle and reasurance, we had to do controlled crying to get her to settle by herself really don't want to go back to that!
i think i'll give it a go but with a bit of a tweek.

Babieseverywhere Sun 23-Aug-09 20:38:56

What about leaving doors open so when she wakes at 3am, so she can come to you in your bed. You could either nurse her or cuddle her to sleep.

That way if she sleeps through great and if she doesn't at least you don't have to get up in the middle of the night.

poltesco Fri 28-Aug-09 19:00:51

thanks for suggestion babieseverywhere, but dd is in a cot still because we are doing the house up ( not had anything done to it scince the 70s ) so bit hard to let her wander about.

after speaking to the hv we've deciced to just let her grow out of it, she has slept straight through the last 2 niights so fingers crossed it wont be long hmm.

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