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9 week old- growth spurt or lack of milk?

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joolzr Tue 28-Jul-09 11:03:42

My 9 week old has been a good feeder till now, putting on weight and doing well. She's always been a bit fussy in the evenings but the last 2/3 days has been a nightmare. She cries straight after her feeds from 5pm onwards and has only gone 1 hr 45 mins before crying again and I'm sure she is hungry. Poor wee thing had tears and everything.

I've not been feeling good- I suspect I'm not eating enough during the day and have had a few dizzy spells the last few days. I've been losing weight at 1 to 2 lbs a week and am now about 7lbs heavier than my pre pregnancy weight. I started taking a multi vitamin with some iron in it again today.

Tonight I gave her the last of my emergency frozen expressed milk and she has eventually gone to sleep, although still waking and crying at times. I expressed this evening to see how much I'm producing- only about 60ml two hours after last feed. I've also tried her on formula but she spat it out in disgust!

Anyone any suggestions? I'm posting from New Zealand if anyone is confused about my timing.

bethdivine Tue 28-Jul-09 12:02:56

You don't say if she's your only DC, but if she is, I'd suggest going to bed the same time as she does for a few nights - a) to give yourself much needed rest, and b) so you're close by when she does wake to feed. It does sound like a growth spurt and as long as she's feeding (what feels like non-stop!) then your milk will increase to keep up with her in a few days - I'd stay away from the formula at this stage, as that will only reduce the milk you produce and cause more problems - chances are you'll be producing more milk than you can express.

Maybe try and have an easy snack before bedtime - glass of milk and flapjack, or toast or cereal? also can you get easy lunch ready the night before in fridge - sandwich, leftovers from tea and easy snacks - banana, yogurt chocolate grin

How is she if you keep her on the breast whenever she cries? does she settle down to feed or is she still unsettled?

Gmakes3 Tue 28-Jul-09 13:09:56

I had this with my DD I used to worry myself sick that she was not getting enough milk. Luckily had a good HV and reassured me that it was prob a growth spurt. I had to trust my body and just let her feed until she settled, unfortunatley it seemed to go on for hours. I now think now I have 11 week old DS that its just a baby thing as he is very similar. Theres no way that I don't have enough milk as I always see milk when he feeds. I also wouldn't get hung up about expressing. I was a very poor expresser could never get more than 100ml. I know its hard but if you can try and feed as much as she wants. If you are worried still try La Leche League for advice/reassurance. I would also say as long as you are still getting the wet/dirty nappies and she is steadily putting on weight that it is prob normal. Try and eat when you can and drink plently of water.

moondog Tue 28-Jul-09 14:43:51

The more you feed, the more milk you make, so forget about the formula and EBM.It will over reduce demand on breast and therefore supply.

The amount you express is no indication of what thebaby can get out.

joolzr Wed 29-Jul-09 04:38:42

Thanks for the advice all.

She does feed in the evenings - but seems to finish and cry straight afterwards. I've tried putting her back on but she just comes off again. She is my first and I'm very inexperienced with babies so it is quite a learning curve.

I think I'll add a snack and glass of milk to my diet at about 4pm and hope that helps. If I've given her expressed milk, I'm expressing again to try and build my supply. The Baby Whisperer suggest expresing 15 mins after a feed - has anyone tried this? Other people say that it takes an hour to replenish your supply. I'd always thought that expressing in the afternoon would leave her short. Anyone any idea on how the replenishment works?

Shells Wed 29-Jul-09 04:48:14

Hi Joolzr. I'm in NZ as well and BF my 3 babies. Sounds like a classic growth spurt to me. I think the idea is that you just feed and feed and feed her until she doesn't want it anymore - or sleeps.
Its quite common for this to go on all evening (there's a phrase for it - I can't remember it).
1. I would eat and drink all you possibly can - that will help your energy levels
2. Don't stress about expressing. Its not an indicator of your milk. I was always better at expressing in the morning.
3. I'd prefer to actually feed the baby rather than express, especially when she's hungry.

I'm not a big one for following the books (I know its hard with your first one) as I think they make you a bit paranoid you're not doing it right. There is no doing it wrong if you just feed her when she wants it esp. as she's so young.

Good luck!

bethdivine Wed 29-Jul-09 16:12:16

think the phrase you're thinking of is cluster feeding shells.
Joolzr can you try just feeding and feeding rather than expressing one eve and see if that makes her more settled, or do you express to give your boobs a break if they're getting sore? - also, if she's just had a feed and is unsettled, how about having a bath with her? I used to do this with DS and he would always root around and find the boob, it always used to settle him. Haven't had a chance yet with DD, never seems to be the time!

Bibelots Wed 29-Jul-09 16:25:25

joolzr that glass of milk and biscuit at 4pm is fine if you want it, but you do realise it will make no difference to your milk? Just eat and drink what you feel like eating. Shells is right that eating and drinking what you like will help your energy levels and that can help you to find the strength to get through these tough days.

Moondog is right, just feed on demand and ditch the expressing. It just makes you fixate on how much you get out and makes your life more difficult.

joolzr Thu 30-Jul-09 10:18:04

I'm actually wondering if the problem is colic, not hunger now. It seems to have gone on for a bit too long now- three or four days. I definitely feel like I have a lot less milk in the evenings, even when I make a big effort to eat- although my dizzy spells have gone.

She had colic when she was about 4 weeks, so we put her on infracol. Only recently stopped this , and she is rigid and arching her back after each evening feed- and still crying after them. We'll see if putting her back on it helps.

Thankfully we've been getting her to sleep about 9pm (although still trying tonight at 9.20) and I've been doing a dream feed which has taken her through to 6 or 7.

Phew, need my bed tonight!

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