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Nipple feeding not breast - any ideas or tips?

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Skillbo Thu 23-Jul-09 09:18:22

I have been having issues with feeding my little one (as my previous post mentions) and think I know what the problem is but don't have an answer to it...

Basically, she has a really shallow latch - she has got nice rounded cheeks and a rolled out lower lip and is putting on weight. However, my poor nipples are bright pink and, the left one in particular agony!! Having examined it quite closely (as you do), I can see that she doesn't have a huge mouthful of breast - she is really only sucking on the nipples. My breastfeeding counsellor thinks the latch is also perfect and the last time I saw her, she didn't really have any answers apart from a last ditch change of position which unfortunately only lasted for a few feeds and then she was screaming with frustration and hunger and I weakened and I couldn't continue with it...

She is a happy baby and other than this, I have no problems as she sleeps well and has just started smiling at me (she's 5 and a half weeks now) but I would really like to be able to master this as am planning on continuing but would love to do it minus the pain!

Any ideas to get more boob in the mouth or tips that you've used in the past would be fantastic - hopefully her habits aren't so ingrained she can't break it!!

HoppityBunny Thu 23-Jul-09 12:23:15

Maybe you've got nipple thrush? Don't know. Please see another BFG counsellor to get to the bottom of it, cos you don't want to get yourself to the point where you can't breastfeed her no longer.

I find rubbing a baby's cheek with a finger sometimes makes them suddenly turn round and grab a mouthful nipple.

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