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stopping breastfeeding - really painful

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kitkat9 Thu 23-Jul-09 06:38:00

So ds2 has stopped bf'ing now (he's 7 months) and one of my breasts has gone comletely down and dried up with no pain - bit the other one is engorged and so tender - it's awful.

should I pump to relieve the pain? would that encourage the milk supply? I want it to dry up now!

I remember a bit of discomofort for a couple of days when I stopped bf'ing ds1 but it went away fast. with dd there was nothing at all....I look bizarre too, with one ginormous boob (and the other one back to it's spaniel ear status...)!

any advice appreciated...please help!

RuthChan Thu 23-Jul-09 09:58:54

It is a good idea to pump. You can do it once now and again in a week or so if it is still badly engorged. Don't worry about this slowing the dry-up, the pain relief will be worth it and it will help to prevent blocked ducts.

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