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blocked ducts

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nickymorris Sat 13-Jun-09 21:18:11

Is a sterilised needle a suggested treatment for blocked ducts? sounds gruesome to me, and KellyMom doesn't suggest it...

My neighbour keeps getting them and when she mentioned it to a health visitor they suggested she went to the chemist and bought some local anesthetic so she could go at herself with a needle.

doulalc Sat 13-Jun-09 21:28:33

No, not for a blocked duct. It is sometimes used for a milk blister however. She can't unblock a milk duct with a me, she wouldn't want to even try it! They are two different issues.

nickymorris Sat 13-Jun-09 21:32:59

Great thanks. I'll let her know.

doulalc Sat 13-Jun-09 21:33:23

Forgot to add.....sorry, a few things she can try: a warm, wet flannel on the area, massaging the area, using downward compressions over a warm shower can be even better, trying to position baby so that baby's lower jaw is on the same side as the blockage. To prevent them....massage once in awhile prior to a feed, try to feed long enough to "empty" the breast, massage once in awhile during a feed, don't skip feedings when possible, use a pump for a short time after some of the feeds.

cfc Sun 14-Jun-09 10:33:53

Eek, that sounds like pretty negligent advice, how would she even know where to stick it?!

God, the thought makes me sick and can you imagine if she got it wrong and got a nerve?

Anyway, I have had this a couple of weeks ago, after reading advice on here and kellysmom I worked ALL NIGHT trying to relieve it.

I kept baby feeding from it, as doulalc said different positioning so baby can drain it for you.

I massaged it down towards the nipple whilst baby fed.

I got in a hot bath and massaged it, really deep tissue massage.

Hot and then cold flannels.


Then when I was tired I filled up a hot water bottle with boiling water and put towels on the breast then the hot water bottle, then the duvet over the top and slept with it on.

In the morning it was gone, thank goodness. The relief was amazing and I was defo in the first stages of mastitis from it, fluey, achey etc and working on it got rid of it.

Now, your friend needs to ask herself why she's getting them.

In my case it was because I hold the breast in a C-hold too tightly for the baby to come to. This lead to a blocked duct on that side of the breast. Now I feed with a loose hold (and non at all when possible) and my bra undone.

Your friend needs to find the reason for the blockages as it's more than likely something she's doing subconsciously. My friend got bad mastitis (which starts with a blocked duct - as you prob know!) from wearing a proper bra with underwiring and everything! for a posh do with a posh frock.

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