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6 week old constantly crying - only quiet being fed - help

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littleduck Fri 12-Jun-09 17:33:55

My DD was 6 weeks on Wed. She cried all day on Wed, was better yesterday but has cried all day again today.

Prior to this she was generally a pretty easy baby who would feed well, sleep for a few hours and then feed again and so on. However on Wed and today she has not settled for any naps and has screamed throughout the day. She has only stopped whilst being fed or occasionally given a finger to suck. She was quiet a couple of times for 5 mins looking round the room but that's it. She wasn't comforted by me cuddling her or anything like that so it wasn't just that she wanted her mummy.

From waking at 9.30am for a feed she did not settled until 3pm, and has now been asleep for 2.5 hours. She is due to have her bath and evening feed around 6.

I am desperately wondering what the problem is as I can't take many more days like this (and take my hat off to those who cope with with constantly crying babies). Could this be a growth spurt? Some kind of reflux?

She has yelled out a couple of times since i put her down and then been quiet, has started yelling again now so will go and deal with her and it's a really loud yell. any thoughts appreciated, I am at end of my tether.

tiktok Fri 12-Jun-09 17:54:44

little duck.

She wants feeding often, and this is what is keeping her happy.


You have the means to comfort and soothe her. Maybe she is growing fast, maybe she is fighting a bug, maybe she is extra thirsty...doesn't matter. She will not do this every day, but all babies have the occasional day like this. YOu need support and help and encouragement while it lasts. All she needs is you and breastfeeding

littleduck Fri 12-Jun-09 20:47:00

Thanks Tiktok

She had her bath as usual just after 6 and after drying, change, dressing etc fed and then settled just before 8 which is a long time for her. The last 3/4 hour of the feed was just her comfort sucking, she didn't swallow any milk but after feeding her on and off all day there wasn't much in there I think. She was kind of fighting sleep - would seem to drift off for a minute and then the eyes would pop open again and she'd want the nipple. Seemed to be wriggling and kicking out with her legs a lot.

Again she has let out one or two shrieks in her sleep which I heard on the baby monitor but hasn't woken up.

She seems so unsettled even in her sleep and her cries are really loud - I am just worried she may be ill. I wish I knew what was wrong DP has been out working since 7 this morning and is working again this evening so unfortunately I'm on my own, there isn't anyone around to support or help.

Little scamp still managed to give me what looked like a cheeky grin whilst I was cuddling her at one point - possibly not all that ill then....

digitalgirl Fri 12-Jun-09 20:53:19

littleduck it's probably a growth spurt, that's what the comfort sucking could be about. The more she sucks the more she stimulates your supply - may take a couple of days for your supply to catch up. But also around the 6 week mark babies can change their routine (not for the last time either!). If feeding is the one thing that keeps her happy I'd be inclined to go with that everytime she's what I did with my DS at a similar age and he was so much more contented when I did.

Sorry your DH isn't around to help tonight, make sure you have water/biccies/snacks/phone/TV remote to hand when you start feeding and leave the rest for your DH to deal with when he gets home!

MegBusset Fri 12-Jun-09 20:57:50

Hiya, just wanted to add some virtual support. DS2 is 6 weeks and has also been feeding all blardy day (although luckily without too much screaming, unless I have the temerity to put him down!). I think it must be a growth spurt -- the unsettledness is designed to make us put them to the boob often to get our supply up.

Just a thought but I would make sure you wind her really well, DS2 gulps in more air if he's feeding a lot and if I don't get a good burp out of him after every feed then it seems to give him windy pains. I give him Infacol as well, this seems to help bring wind up quicker, might be worth a try...

Hang in there, as Tiktok says, it won't last forever...

Sunflower100 Fri 12-Jun-09 21:03:20

Another vote for growth spurt, dd did this too at 6weeks. Watch out for giant boobs in the next few days as your milk supply increases!! Just go with it and let her feed as often as she wants - and get dh to look after you when he comes back.

JammyJake Fri 12-Jun-09 21:08:01

And another for growth spurt. I agree with tiktok - you have the means to soothe her.

My DD is now 10 mon and it is so familiar reading your stories. Just hang in there it is all so worth it. In a few months you will look back and wish you could have these times back.

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