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how long does EBM last in the Freezer

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Reallytired Mon 01-Jun-09 11:16:10

I am thinking of going back to work when my daughter is 8 months, (January 2010, she is six weeks old at the moment). I would like to avoid her having any formula, but I am not particularly good at expressing.

I am thinking of making a large stash of bm in the freezer. How long does frozen bm last.

Now that it is recommended that children are introudced to solids at 6 months, how many feeds a day is an 8 month old baby likely to need?

Mij Mon 01-Jun-09 15:05:46

According to my brand new NHS/NCT fridge magnet blush which is in my bag, not on my fridge...

You can store breastmilk in the ice compartment of a fridge for 2 weeks, or for 6 months in a freezer (as long as it's one of those with lots of stars - I think if it's less than 15 years old or so it will have).

Well done for thinking ahead, but you may be worrying a little prematurely! Are you thinking of buying an extra freezer wink? Remember that BM changes dramatically over the first few months, to keep up with your baby's dietary and calorific needs...

Expressing, and how easy/hard you find it, can change over time. It's almost impossible to tell at this stage how many feeds your DD will want at 8 months - partly depends on how enthusiastically she gets into solid food, but also if you're going back full or part-time. If part-time, lots of bfing mum/baby pairs find that they 'make up' for 'lost' feeds while apart with more feeding morning and evening (sometimes nighttime too, sorry) so it evens out over a week. I know that some mums returning full-time get very adept (with an electric pump) at pumping on one side on pretty much every feed to boost supply a few weeks before returning to work, and then pumping while at work and when feeding at home, to keep enough of a stash for when you're apart.

Hope some of that helps. smile

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