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is this reflux?

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fififlores Sat 30-May-09 00:59:36

hello, my baby is 14 weeks, bf with one bottle of formula every night(small baby, slow weight gainer), and goes through phases (usually a few hours, morning or afternoon, every few days) where throughout the feeds she spits up, either digested or undigested milk, every few minutes. she is never in pain, instead she either feeds ok for a bit, or does a stop-start feeding pattern - latches on, takes a few sucks, and then pulls off, then does it again. usually soon after she starts doing that, although not always, she vomits. i just carry on, in the hope that some of it at least will stay down!

her symptoms don´t seem to fit with the typical ones iñve read about - screaming, arching etc - she is a happy puker - indeed often smiles before it comes out. has anyone else had the same experience with their baby as mine? also many mums talks about their babies´ meds - mine isn´t taking anything as it´s not every day, so i haven´t mentioned it to the dr. are the meds worthwhile? only concerned today after particularly frustrating afternoon´s feeding/vomiting.

wethree Sat 30-May-09 09:14:50

my boy had reflux - like you he was bf with a late night bottle but he was (looking back on it) clearly in some discomfort screaming and arching his back and pulling legs up and the meds we got (infant gaviscon powder which incidentally you don't HAVE to get on prescription) really helped him. he wasn't a particularly sicky baby though.

i'm not advocating medicating your baby unnecessarily but i think its quite an inoffensive medication so perhaps talk to your Dr (or not) and try adding the powder to all of her feeds for a few days (it does seem to take more than one day to be effective)...

i have to say though, that from what you've said she doesn't sound particularly reflux-y to me, if anything, i would say she sounds a bit over full. i had a friend's dd who did what you're describing and cutting the frequency of feeding helped her a lot ... so fewer but better feeds.

hope you crack it, maybe worth mentioning to your dr anyway

KSal Wed 03-Jun-09 13:14:52

hi, your experience sounds very similar to mine and i was told by the GP that she was just overfeeding... but 7 months down the line and on solids she was still bringing stuff up! only then did i go back for medication for reflux (gaviscon infant), which worked (and now i am wondering when to wean her off it!)

like your little one she was never uncomfortable, never cried with and put weight on really well. she fed every half an hour during the day then i gave her a bottle at night so i could have break. i'm afraid to say that i only lasted 2 months like this before changing to bottles.

so anyway, imho it is reflux but that doesn't mean you have to get medication

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