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anyone got weight charts for breastfed babies?

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misdee Wed 04-May-05 20:00:18

dd3 is fully breastfed, was born weighing 7lb 14oz, at 10 weeks weighs 10lb 8oz. GP said weight gain was slow but steady which is good, but when i look at those silly charts she has fallen almost 2 centiles but i know that chart is on bottlefed babies. is dd3 weigth gain ok? we are doing ok arent we?

Aragon Wed 04-May-05 20:03:43

Yes I'm sure you're doing fine. Try which is here

Aragon Wed 04-May-05 20:04:38

Let me know if the link doesn't work and I'll try again - my PC seems to think the site is a "pop-up" and blasts it before it can load.

misdee Wed 04-May-05 21:36:28

thats it worked. she is gaining just below average gains. so not worried at all now.

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