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how much pain post bf weaning cold turkey?

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katpink Wed 04-Mar-09 09:31:38

hi i've had to stop feeding my daughter for reasons i would go into here.
i have done it cold turkey.
one boob is back to normal and one really hurts and has a big hard spot in it.
how much pain id normal and what should i look our for.
i would really like to hear from anyone who's had any exprience with this.


RockinSockBunnies Wed 04-Mar-09 09:33:57

I had to stop cold turkey after 2.5 years of breastfeeding. My breasts were like rock-hard missiles and they hurt like hell.

By about day 2 of no feeding, I hired a heavy duty breast pump from the NCT and expressed some of the milk away (little amounts so as not to stimulate and more production). IIRC, things started to settle down around the end of week one.

Hope this helps and you feel more comfortable soon.

madwomanintheattic Wed 04-Mar-09 09:34:02

can go up and down like balloons for a few weeks lol. (or rather rock hard watermelons)
have you tried cabbage straight from the fridge? you smell like a soup kitchen but it's very soothing... change as necessary to get relief lol.

tiktok Wed 04-Mar-09 09:35:58

katpink, the experience differs according to how long, and how much, you were bf....what's your situation, and how long ago did you stop? Is gradually stopping not an option for you?

There are very few situations when complete and sudden cessation has to happen - medication, surgery, for instance, can usually take place without stopping bf.

If you are not with your baby, and have to stop bf for that reason, gradual cessation would still be better.

I am not wanting to pry, sorry, but knowing a bit more would help.

katpink Wed 04-Mar-09 22:16:23

i have bf for two years almost dd will be 2 on the 1st april. i have have been feeding her 8 times a day for most of that time.
i have tried graadually weaning her but all she does is not eat and hold out for bf then want a 2 hour feed or wakes up every hour.
she is not putting on weight at all having put on 4lb in a year and is only in size 9-12mth clothes.
when i have gone away or been at work she does eat more and sleep better becuase she knows she's not getting bf.
on top of this i have been ill almost continually for three months with the flu and vairious infections. and after two years bf and a really demanding pregnancy(with bad morning sickness for 28wk and 2 stone weight loss) i don't think my body has anything left to give.

i stopped 8 days ago dd is eating whole meals drinking bottle and sleep through with no problems. she is putting on weight she now has a little pot belly.
i have got more sleep this week than the last three years.
i would have stopped gradually as the guilt is terrible and the pain in my left breast in quite bad but she just wasn't taking as an option.
the left one is now noticablly bigger than the right which has never happened before.

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